For the first time, the legendary 2006 Russian documentary 'Third Reich - Operation UFO Nazi Base in Antarctica' in its entirety, fully translated into English and available for free viewing. Many thanks to Irina Du Toit for the translation and the saucer people for the subtitles.

The film explores the historical mysteries and rumours of a Nazi secret base in Antarctica, the 1947 flying saucer attack on Admiral Byrd's ill-fated 'Operation Highjump' expedition and the occult origins of Third Reich anti-gravity engines, flying discs and ancient Atlantean technologies viewed through the lens of perhaps the three most mysterious twentieth century German organisations of all: the "Thule Society", "Vril Society" and the "Ahnenerbe".

One of the core themes of the film is the alleged existence of "Base 211", the legendary underground Nazi base in the Antarctica. Drawing upon the pre-war Nazi interest in Antarctica and the creation of "New Swabia"; the testimony of German U-Boat submarine commanders and the alleged disappearance of thousands of Nazi scientists and engineers at the end of the war, personnel that cannot be accounted for by the Vatican and Odessa 'rat lines' or American 'Operation Paperclip' activities. In addition, the film analyses the actual geo-physical possibilities of an underground base in Antarctica.

The other core theme is the alleged existence of a Nazi flying saucer program and the many evidential strands that this area generates. From the supposed channeling of extraterrestrial engineering schematics by members of the German occult group 'Thule Society' in the early part of the twentieth century to the 'implosion engine' of Viktor Schauberger and its possible appropriation by the Third Reich.

Bringing us to the the latter part of the twentieth century the documentary illustrates the many sightings of unknown crafts around the Antartic region and the theoretical basis for polar wormholes as entrance and exit points for visiting extraterrestrial spaceships and the possible involvement of HAARP, as well as asking why nearly all American Antarctic bases seem to be populated by agents of the National Security Agency and CIA.

Like the study of any phenomena and/or events that exist at the edges of consensus reality, occupy imaginal realms and are subject to historical revisionism; the interface of myth and reality is a shifting mosaic of fact, speculation, disinformation and fantasy, or to use the phrase of head CIA counter-intelligence spook, James Jesus Angleton, we have entered a "wilderness of mirrors".

Certainly there are elements in the documentary that give cause for concern such as the alleged "Special Bureau 13", the Nazi secret flying saucer research group and its similarity to the top secret government agency in the early eighties role playing game "Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic" [though equally the RPG title could be an insider homage to this secret Nazi organization]

For years rumours had been flying round that the Germans had been fully aware of the foo-fighter phenomenon and that they had a special study group formed to look into the problem under the name of "Project Uranus", backed by a shadowy group by the name of "Sonderbüro 13" [reminds you of 'Majestic 12' doesn't it?]. This was first detailed in "La Livres Noir De Soucupes Volantes" [The Black Book of Flying Sauers" - 1970] by French ufologist Henry Durrant. The rumour spread in Europe and eventually took physical form in the English language in Tim Good's acclaimed book "Above Top Secret "where it is used to help substantiate further vague rumours of an Anglo/American foo-fighter study. Good had not checked his facts and had in fact just copied the information direct from Durrant's book.

When I checked this out with Durrant he informed me that the whole "Project Uranus" affair was a hoax which he had inserted in his book precisely to see who would copy it without checking. The hoax apparently had been revealed in France some years before but hadn't percolated its way through to English speaking ufologists. Perhaps other foo hoaxes await discovery.

-- Andy Roberts, "In search of Foo-Fighters"

Likewise, there is the lack of information on the existence of the US Navy destroyer 'Murdoch' in the testimony recounted by pilot 'John Sireson' in his description of the flying saucer attack on Admiral Byrd's fleet [testimony taken from an interview by the late pioneering American researcher Leonard Stringfield].  

Equally, the testimony of Admiral Byrd that flying saucers attacked the 'Operation Highjump' fleet is of historical record as is his testimony to Congress of enemies that have the ability to fly "pole to pole". Likewise, the creation of 'New Swabia' is as much a historical fact as the "impossible" existence of the "Piri Reis" map.

What sets this documentary apart from most others of its kind is the inclusion of high ranking Russian scientists and military personnel and their testimony should not be discounted.

As the great American anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory says of many elements of deep politics: "it's food for thought and grounds for further research".

It took a lot of hard work to make the translation of this documentary into English and create the subtitles and we would like to dedicate our work to the late American researcher Wendelle Stevens who is quoted in the film, In our opinion, Wendelle, who sadly died in 2011 was one of the few genuine professional researchers in the UFO community who like Linda Moulton Howe, actually went and spoke to the subjects and witnesses and researched cases first-hand.

After the Soviet collapse in 1991, the KGB released previously classified files that cast light on the mysterious Byrd led Naval expedition to Antarctica. A 2006 Russian documentary, recently translated, made public for the first time a 1947 secret Soviet intelligence report commissioned by Josef Stalin of Task 68's mission to Antarctica.

The intelligence report, gathered from Soviet spies embedded in the US, revealed that the US Navy had sent the military expedition to find and destroy a hidden Nazi base. On the way, they encountered a mysterious UFO force that attacked the military expedition destroying several ships and a significant number of planes.

Indeed, Operation Highjump had suffered "many casualties" as stated in initial press reports from Chile.

While there is a possibility the report resulted from US disinformation fed to a known Soviet mole, the more likely explanation is that the report exposes the first known historical incident involving a battle between US naval forces and an unknown UFO force stationed near Antarctica.

It is a historical fact that Nazi Germany devoted significant resources to the exploration of Antarctica, and established a prewar presence there with its first mission in the Antarctic summer of 1938/1939.

According to a statement by Grand Admiral Dönitz in 1943, "...the German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La land, an impregnable fortress."

If the fortress was in Antarctica, was it built by the Nazis, or discovered there?

After the defeat of Nazi Germany, according various sources, elite Nazi scientists and leaders escaped to this impregnable fortress by U-Boats, two of which experienced difficulties and surrendered in Argentina.

In the Soviet intelligence report, never before known testimony by two US Navy servicemen with Operation Highjump was revealed.

A recent article in "New Dawn" by Frank Joseph gives a detailed analysis of the two eyewitness accounts, only the latter of which was mentioned in the 2006 Russian documentary.

John P. Szehwach, a radioman stationed on the 'USS Brownson', gave testimony of how UFOs appeared dramatically out of the ocean depths.

On 17 January 1947 at 0700 hours, Szehwach said:

"I and my shipmates in the pilot house port side observed for several minutes the bright lights that ascended about 45 degrees into the sky very quickly. We couldn't i.d. the lights, because our radar was limited to 250 miles in a straight line."

Over the next several weeks, according to the Soviet report, the UFOs flew close over the US naval flotilla which fired on the UFOs which did retaliate with deadly effects.

According to Lieutenant John Sayerson, a flying boat pilot:

"The thing shot vertically out of the water at tremendous velocity, as though pursued by the devil, and flew between the masts [of the ship] at such a high speed that the radio antenna oscillated back and forth in its turbulence.

"An aircraft [Martin flying-boat] from the Currituck that took off just a few moments later was struck with an unknown type of ray from the object, and almost instantly crashed into the sea near our vessel.

"About ten miles away, the torpedo-boat 'Maddox' burst into flames and began to sink. Having personally witnessed this attack by the object that flew out of the sea, all I can say is, it was frightening."

There is a major problem with Sayerson's quote.

There has been no torpedo boat named 'Maddox' in the US Navy. In the Russian documentary, the incident described by Sayerson [misspelt Sireson] refers instead to the destroyer 'Murdoch'.

There was, however, no destroyer named 'Murdoch' active in the US Fleet in 1947. Instead there was a destroyer named 'Maddox'. [DD-731], but it did not serve in Operation Highjump. In fact, the 'USS Maddox' was the destroyer fired upon in the Gulf of Tonkin incident of 1964.

According to Frank Joseph the "USS Maddox' was, either a torpedo boat, or torpedo-carrying destroyer.

He goes on to explain what may have happened to the 'Maddox' mentioned in the Soviet report:

"A 'USS Maddox' was indeed sunk by enemy action, but five years earlier by a German dive-bomber during the Allied invasion of Sicily. Actually there were at least three American destroyers known by that name [DD-168, DD-622 and DD-731] all of them contemporaneous".

The US Navy has long been notorious for falsifying the identity of its ships and re-writing their histories if they embarrass official policy. So too, the 'Maddox' cited by Soviet espionage was similarly consigned to an official memory hole.

If Joseph is correct, then it is very possible that a 'USS Maddox' was destroyed during Operation Highjump, and the US Navy changed official records to hide this.

An alternative explanation is that the 1947 Soviet report contained U.S. orchestrated disinformation that was being conveyed to Soviet authorities by a Soviet mole known by the US intelligence community. Though plausible, this is highly unlikely given that the US and USSR were still allies at the time of Operation Highjump, and had a common interest in finding and destroying any hidden Nazi base(s) in the South Atlantic.

The destructive technology used by the UFOs in the Soviet intelligence report was not something that had been developed by the defeated Nazis who had only shortly before been forced to retreat to the South Atlantic. It appears the UFOs were not intent on destroying Task Force 68, but forcing it to turn back.

Were the UFOs protecting the retreating Nazis and/or their own presence in Antarctica? Was the Stalin era report disinformation deliberately fed to Soviet authorities by US intelligence?

What is the most likely answer is that the Soviet era report released in the 2006 Russian Documentary was substantially correct.

This suggests that Admiral Byrd's initial press report was accurate - a new enemy that could fly from pole to pole at "incredible speeds" had emerged. Most importantly, the UFO force had inflicted heavy casualties on the US Navy that was powerless to oppose it. 

In 1947, the prestigious Chilean newspaper "El Mercurio" carried an article from its correspondent Lee van Atta aboard the support ship 'Mount Olympus'. The title of the article was: "Admiral Richard E Byrd refers to the Strategic Importance of the Poles".

It has often been alleged that this item never appeared and is fiction, but now we have the cutting in question, and so it exists. In the past it has often been misquoted in translation by occult enthusiasts, the usual interpolation in the text being "flying objects" having the ability "to fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds".

The article reads in true translation as follows:

"Admiral Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defence measures against the possible invasion of the country by hostile aircraft operating from the polar regions. The Admiral stated: - 'I don't want to frighten anyone unduly but it is a bitter reality that in the case of a new war, the continental United States will be attacked by aircraft flying in from one or both poles'. 

As regards the recently terminated expedition, Byrd said that the most important result of the observations and discoveries made is the current potential effect which they will have on the security of the United States."

"El Mercurio" is a conservative Chilean newspaper with editions in Valparaiso and Santiago. No other newspaper appears to have carried this report.

Spanish text from "El Mercurio":

El Almirante Richard E. Byrd advirtió hoy que es imperativo para los Estados Unidos de America el iniciar medidas de defensa contra la posibilidad de una invasión del país de parte de aviones hostiles provenientes de las regiones polares. El Almirante explicó que no quiere asustar a nadie, pero es una verdad amarga que, en el caso de una nueva guerra, los Estados Unidos podrían ser atacados por aviones que pueden volar sobre uno o los dos polos. Esta declaración se hizo como parte de una recapitulación de su propia experiencia polar, en una entrevista exclusiva con International News Service. Refiriéndose a la expedición de reciente finalización, Byrd dijo que el resultado más importante de sus observaciones y descubrimientos es el efecto potencial que tienen con respecto a la seguridad de los Estados Unidos. La velocidad fantástica a la que el mundo se está reduciendo – recordó el Almirante– es una de las lecciones más importantes aprendidas en su reciente exploración antártica. Debo advertir a mis compatriotas que terminó aquel tiempo en el que podíamos refugiarnos en nuestro aislamiento y confiar en la certeza de que las distancias, los océanos, y los polos eran una garantía de seguridad.

English Translation of the Article according to "The Portent":

Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned today that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the polar regions. The Admiral explained that he was not trying to scare anyone, but the cruel reality is that in case of a new war, the United States could be attacked by planes flying over one or both poles. This statement was made as part of a recapitulation of his own polar experience, in an exclusive interview with International News Service. Talking about the recently completed expedition, Byrd said that the most important result of his observations and discoveries is the potential effect that they have in relation to the security of the United States. The fantastic speed with which the world is shrinking – recalled the Admiral – is one of the most important lessons learned during his recent Antarctic exploration. I have to warn my compatriots that the time has ended when we were able to take refuge in our isolation and rely on the certainty that the distances, the oceans, and the poles were a guarantee of safety.

-- Michael S. Heiser, "The Portent"

"Between Germany and America in 1914 and again in 1939 stood Great Britain and the USSR, France, Poland, and other countries of Europe. Because the technique of destruction had not progressed to its present peak, these nations had to be eliminated and the Atlantic Ocean crossed by ships before our factories could be brought within the range of the enemy guns. At the close of the German war in Europe they were just on the outer fringes of the range of fire from an enemy in Europe. Göring stated after his capture that it was a certainty the eastern American cities would have been under rocket bombardment had Germany remained undefeated for two more years. The first attacks would have started much sooner. The technique of war has brought the United States, its homes and factories into the front line of world conflict. They escaped destructive bombardment in the Second World War. They would not in a third".

-- George C. Marshall. 'Biennial Report of the Chief of Staff of the Army to the Secretary of War' [1 July 1943 to 30 June 1945]

The members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Generals endorsed the view openly on television in the 2006 Russian documentary 'Third Reich - Operation UFO Nazi Base in Antarctica' that the Germans set themselves back up at the South Pole to continue the Reich and prepare their eventual military comeback.

The official US Navy documentary on 'Operation Highjump' is a masterpiece of double-talk and pretending everything went smoothly, although the US Navy armada returned to base after just two months of the six-month "military expedition" that Admiral Byrd had announced to the whole US media at a filmed press conference.

The following was written by a Russian:

In the year 1947 the US Navy lost 68 sailors and officers and the destroyer 'Murdock'. The aircraft carrier 'Philippine Sea' of the Casablanca class lost 50% of its deck-based aircraft. The expedition figured on a six-month duration, but on 26 February 1947, it retreated in panic after spending only two months in Antarctica.

Before a hearing of the Congress of the United States Admiral Byrd stated that he was attacked by flying Nazi discs moving at incredible speeds. It should be noted that this operation was entirely a military one. Thirteen military [heavy] warships, an aircraft carrier of the Casablanca class named the 'Philippine Sea', with its Corsair fighter planes, and a U.S. war submarine with combat weapons.

The “Philippine Sea” on its return to base, was in for capital repairs, the workers noting lots of leaks and damage as if the ship had been in battle.

Interesting facts:

1) On his return to base, Admiral Byrd found that his plane had burned enough aviation fuel for 2,750 “extra” kilometers. .

2) Another eyewitness to the battle that occurred on 26 February 1947 was a 'Highjump' expedition member and an experienced military pilot named John Sayerson .

3) On 25-26 February 1947, there was an extraordinary event in New York State. A giant explosion in the northern part of New York. 56 people were killed ["The New York Times"].

Witnesses claimed that it was a rocket crash of an FAU-2 [V2].

4) The fashion model agency 'Gloria' [in Argentina and other Latin American countries] recruited women between 1947-1952 [estimated at between 8,000 and up to 30,000 attractive young women], never seen again after being 'employed'.

A ship named 'Astarte' under the flag of the Dominican Republic picked up 2,000 girls from Rio de Janeiro, which has millions of white Germans, Italians, Poles, etc. and they were never seen again.

The 'Astarte' also never stopped at any other ports. .

5) Russian found maps in 1945 in captured Berlin in the Tiergarten [Berlin Zoo area], at the address Tirpitzufer 38-42, of the sea depths for passage under the ice of Antarctica to Agharta.

Only an A-class submarine could do this, from the Sonderkonvoi [Special convoy] of the Führer [38 submarines!]. . Maps of the underwater passage under the ice of Antarctica to “Agharta” were carefully encrypted and given to the NKVD and the later KGB. [The highest Soviet leadership thereby knew about the existence of Agharta].

6) There are now three HAARP installations: a) in the USA (Alaska), b) in Greenland , and c) in Norway .

7) the American polar station 'Amundsen-Scott' is the one station most nearly located to the opening [portal] into the hollow earth. .

Virtually all employees of the polar stations are members of the secret services of the U.S. government. All scientists were replaced by security officers in the 1960-70 decades after a series of mysterious disappearances of polar scientists or their deaths.

It can be stated with a fair degree of certainty that after the war members of the Reich retreated to their South Pole base. But what has become of them since? The idea that thousands of young women of European origin were secretly transported to the Pole region is a plausible one and would make a lot of sense to propagating the Aryan race on Antarctica but unfortunately there is no verification of this in the text. If there were this would be the absolute proof that there is still now a Third Reich on Antarctica, though Admiral Dönitz’s comments too lend credibility.

The Russian documentary also states that around 100 submarines vanished along with thousands of scientists. It must be very hard for the intelligentsia in Russia to accept that Germany was not pursuing a world domination strategy and did indeed have very high technology in development. After all they [the Russians] have a terrible war record to keep hidden so it does not serve their purposes to ever accept that there was anything noble about what the Germans were trying to achieve, although there is no actual statement on it. 

In the end and as usual with these "official" documentaries it never answers the questions it poses but rather seeks to confuse us even more. As such, apart from showing us what the Germans actually did achieve, it does not bring the argument of the current existence of the Third Reich along at all. Its story needs to be reorganized and properly referenced; the two primary proofs are the U.S. expedition of 1947 and the missing submarines.

Did the Third Reich have high-performance flying saucers before the war ended, or, to put it another way, if the war really ended. The theory is that the NS regime sent a contingent of them, whatever was in development or in pitifully low-quantity production in a nation being bombed nearly back to the Stone Age by the US Air Force and the Royal Air Force, and of U-Boats as well to a secret Antarctic base after 1945.

Something did happen down at the Antarctic after World War Two seemingly ended, and seems worthy of consideration, especially after what Admiral Richard Byrd and scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences said, two sources which are not at all "pro-Nazi".

Beginning in 1938, long before the end of the Second World War, the Germans commenced sending out numerous exploratory missions to the 'Queen Maud' region of Antarctica. A steady stream of German expeditions used ports in then white-ruled South Africa.

Over 230,000 square miles of the frozen continent were mapped from the air, and the Germans discovered vast regions that were surprisingly free of ice, as well as warm water lakes and cave inlets. One vast ice cave within the glacier was reportedly found to extend 30 miles to a large hot-water geothermal lake deep below.

Meanwhile, a crew was prepared and scheduled by the German Society of Polar Research. This society also made the sensational step to invite Richard E. Byrd, the most famous American Antarctic researcher. On the mid of November 1938 he arrived in Hamburg and showed the crew and a clearly selected publicity of 84 persons his new Antarctic documentation movie in the Urania Cinema of Hamburg. Byrd, who had flown across the South Pole as the first human in 1929, was already at this time a living legend, a national hero to Americans and most polar researchers.

The 'Neuschwabenland' left the port of Hamburg on 17 December 1938 heading to the Antarctic on a precisely planned and determined route and reached the ice on 19 January 1939. The following weeks on 15 flights the ‘Passat’ and the ‘Boreas’ flew across some 600.000 square kilometres and, with their specially designed Zeiss 'Reihenmessbildkamera RMK 38', made more than 11,000 pictures of the area. The old Norwegian maps from 1931 of these areas were renewed, for they proved to be inaccurate. Nearly one fifth of the whole Antarctic area was scanned this way, documented for the first time and simultaneously declared to be German territory. To emphasize this claim to the outside world, the two planes ejected several thousand drop-flags, special metal poles with the expedition’s insignia on them and the German Reich’s Swastika. The whole territory now received the still valid name: 'Neuschwabenland' [New Swabia], referring to the south German region of Swabia [the capital of which is Stuttgart, home of Mercedes and Porsche].

Some newer historians reduce the discovered area to an amount of 325.000 square kilometers. These numbers can not be trusted, there are copies of the original flight maps, revealing the number 600.000 in ancient letters. What could be the reason to reduce this number?

Most parts of Neuschwabenland were renamed according to the Antarctic treaty in 1957: ie. 'Queen Maud Land', '‘Princess Martha Coast', 'Princess Astrid Coast'. On  older maps one will still find the original names. Yet, even today  many of the mountains in the northern Antarctic area still carry German names like: 'Mühlig-Hoffman Mountains', 'Wohltat Mountains', etc.

Whole fleets of submarines of the XXI and XXIII series later headed towards Neuschwabenland. Today about one hundred German submarines are still unaccounted for, some equipped with the Walther Schnorchel, a device that allowed them to stay submerged for several weeks, and it can be assumed that they fled to Neuschwabenland with the dismantled flying disks or at least the construction plans.

Again it must be assumed that since the test flights were successful some so-called flying saucers flew directly there at the end of the war. Perhaps some may think these assumptions to be a bit on the daring side, but there are strong indications that it may well have happened that way.

'Operation Highjump' was the largest expedition ever mounted to the Antarctic. Was it meant to wipe out the Third Reich’s presence?

'Operation Highjump', officially titled 'The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program, 1946-47', was a United States Navy operation organized [coincidentally?] by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd in Antarctica under the command of Richard Cruzen. It was launched on 26 August 1946 and ended abruptly in late February 1947, six months earlier than planned. The massive Antarctic task force included 4,700 men, 13 ships, and multiple aircraft. The official stated claims of the operation were as follows:

◾ to train personnel and test material in the frigid zones
◾ to consolidate and extend American sovereignty over the largest practical area of the Antarctic continent
◾ to determine the feasibility of establishing and maintaining bases in the Antarctic and to investigate possible base sites
◾ to develop techniques for establishing and maintaining air bases on the ice, with particular attention to the later applicability of such techniques to operations in the interior of Greenland [where, it was then believed, physical and climatic conditions resembled those in Antarctica]
◾ to expand existing knowledge of hydrographic, geographic, geological, meteorological and electromagnetic conditions in the area.

However, the choice of ships and fleet size is extremely suspicious. The actual fleet included the following ships:

Eastern Group

Seaplane Tender 'Pine Island'
Tanker 'Canisteo'
Destroyer 'Brownson'

Western Group

Seaplane Tender 'Currituck'
Tanker 'Cacapon'
Destroyer 'Henderson'

Central Group Troop

Command ship 'Mount Olympus'
Icebreaker 'Burton Island'
Icebreaker 'Northwind'
Supplyship 'Yancey'
Supplyship 'Merrick'
Submarine 'Sennet'

The aircraft carrier 'USS Philippine Sea' also participated, although it was not assigned to any of the groups. Understandably the need for supply ships, seaplane tenders, ice breakers and communication ships are necessary for such an operation but the use of two destroyers, an aircraft carrier and a submarine is somewhat dubious if all they set out to do is carry out surveys. Were they expecting penguins firing artillery?

'Operation Highjump' has become a topic among UFO conspiracy theorists, who claim it was a covert US military operation to conquer alleged secret underground Nazi facilities in Antarctica including Station 211 and capture the German Vril flying discs, or Thule mercury-powered spaceship prototypes Many conspiracy articles and discussions examine a postwar encounter reported near a British Antarctic camp with uniformed Germans in an ice cave; when considered in the context that several German U-boats, a large amount of building supplies and German scientists identified by 'Operation Paperclip' were still unaccounted for, this adds credibility to the possibility of a Nazi base and a real motive for the subsequent operation. 'Operation Highjump' remains one of the few postwar operations with documents still classified by the military.

In 1948, a second task force named Operation Windmill was also sent to take photographs of Neuschwabenland, again supposedly for mapping purposes. Although they apparently succeeded in their task, the government has yet to make these photos available to the public and no reason has ever been given for their non-disclosure.

Some believe that the reason the photos have never been released is that this military operation was actually a reconnaissance and recovery mission.

In 1949 Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, a close friend of Admiral Byrd, was sent to stay at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

He began to discuss Operation Highjump with the hospital staff, talking wildly about UFOs, Atlantis, and an underground Nazi city. He was denied visitors, including his wife, and shortly afterwards "fell" out of his hospital window to his death.

The official report said that he committed suicide but persistent rumors say that he was murdered by government agents to keep him from talking further about what was really found in the Antarctica wilderness during Operation Highjump.

The Germans explored the Queen Maud Land coast from 19 January to 15 February 1939 and returned home on 11 April 1939. Two German follow-up expeditions had been planned for the Antarctic summers of 1940 and 1941 but were canceled when war broke out in September 1939. The main publicly stated objective of the expedition was to find a site for a German whaling station, whale oil being at that time the most important raw material for the production of margarine, soap and other products. By so doing, the German government hoped to avoid the situation then existing in the South Atlantic whereby the UK asserted the right to impose high fees and restrictions on whaling concessions.

Although the Germans did not mention the possibility of establishing a permanent Antarctic station to investigate the feasibility of exploiting other natural Antarctic raw materials in the future, including petroleum, they did want to document and reinforce any future territorial claim on a piece of Antarctica before other nations had gobbled up the entire continent. It is also quite possible that they would also have sought to establish refueling stations on islands en route to Antarctica from Europe to ensure safer navigation between the two continents. In wartime, such islands could also be used to provide sheltered anchorage for commerce raiders, supply ships, communications stations and the like.

"The extent of aerial photography was unprecedented for the time. In seven survey flights totaling 10,000 km in length, more than 350,000 km2 of previously unknown territory around the Greenwich Meridian was mapped and more than 600,000 km2 between 110 30’W longitude and 200 E longitude were measured".

-- Hermann, Ernst, "Deutsche Forscher im Südpolarmeer: Bericht von der Deutschen Antarktischen Expedition, 1938-1939", Safari Publisher, 1941

A huge rift exists between the southern Atlantic and the southern Pacific and runs straight through Antarctica, and runs directly under New Swabia (Neu-Schwabenland) . This is where U-Boats could hide deep underneath the southern polar ice.

Of the scientists who participated in the expedition four were meteorologists, one a biologist, an oceanographer, a geophysicist and a geographer. In one study that fired the imagination of many subsequent speculative writers, the geographer Ernst Hermann correctly surmised that a rift zone ran through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean [the Mid-Atlantic Ridge] in a line of weakness in the Earth’s crust passing through Jan Mayen, the Azores, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha and Bouvetoya. He further believed that the line, heated geothermally by volcanic emanations from within the Earth, continued south to cross Queen Maud Land [the site of New Swabia] and thence through the ice-free lakes of the Schirmacher Oasis to connect with Mount Erebus on the other side of Antarctica. This rift zone, which corresponded nicely with Alfred Wegener’s theory of continental drift, separated the Eurasian from the North American Plate in the North Atlantic and the African from the South American Plate in the South Atlantic. Moreover, Hermann’s research helped explain Dr. Wilhelm Filchner’s theory made during the German expedition of 1911 that there may actually be two Antarctic continents formed by an arm of the sea running from the Weddell Sea to the Bay of Whales, splitting the continent in half. It took very little time for the speculative writers to assume the existence of deep-sea, warm-water “tunnels” through which U-Boats could navigate safely to and under Antarctica.

Map done by the famed Tyrolean cartographer and artist Heinrich C. Berann for the National Geographic Society beginning in 1966. It clearly shows the continent of
Antarctica without its cover of ice, with underwater passageways that run nearly the
entire length of the continent.


Soon after the German expedition returned home, President Roosevelt, without any reference to the German endeavor, established the U.S. Antarctic Service, appointing Admiral Byrd as Commanding Officer. Previous to the establishment of the Antarctic Service, expeditions to the polar regions had been privately funded. Byrd was forthwith commissioned to organize and execute an expedition to Antarctica in the period 1939-41, the main purpose of which was to determine the feasibility of maintaining a base year round and to chart a specific coastal area. Two ships, the 'USS Bear' and the 'USMS North Star', carrying a total of 125 men, and four aircraft departed in November 1939, arriving in the Bay of Whales in mid January 1940. In 1943, while the Blitz of London was still raging and before the Allies could even hope to invade the Continent, the British Admiralty and Colonial Office undertook a secret military operation, called 'Operation Tabarin', to establish a permanent British presence in the Antarctic. This action, little known outside of the UK, is presumed to have been in reaction to the German Antarctic expedition. The target of British ambition was the Falkland Islands, which had already been claimed by both Argentina and Chile as the Malvinas Islands. The timing of the operation, i.e., when the British home islands were themselves threatened, suggests an urgency for the mission that precludes any other explanation.

During this operation British personnel from 'HMS Carnarvon Castle' hauled down the Argentine flag from Deception Island and raised the Union flag in its stead. British bases were established at Port Lockroy on the coast of Graham Land and at Hope Bay on Trinity Peninsula. When the war ended in 1945, the islands were handed over to the British Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey and in 1982 became the cause of war between Britain and Argentina in which the United States violated its own Monroe Doctrine by aiding the British. Final ownership of the Falklands is still being contested. J. Robert alone wrote three articles, entitled 'Britain’s Secret War in Antarctica on Operation Tabarin' []

Months after the war in Europe had ended incidents occurred that further suggested continuing Nazi activities in New Swabia. On July 10, 1945 German submarine U-530, a Type IXC/40 boat captained by Otto Wermuth, anchored in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Then, on Aug. 17, 1945, U-977, a type VIIC submarine, anchored as well at Mar del Plata. When interrogated, Capt. Heinz Schäffer reported his boat had transited from Kristiansand, Norway, in a continuous submerged Snorkel-assisted passage lasting 66 days. Argentine officials took the crews and boats into custody and reported their presence to U.S. authorities. Eventually, both boats and crews were turned over to U.S. officials for additional questioning. The Argentine authorities have maintained that no other individuals or cargo than those officially reported had been put ashore from U-977. U.S. interrogators, apparently unsatisfied, repeatedly asked crewmembers what cargo they had off-landed in Mar del Plata and where they had hidden Adolf Hitler. when the U.S. Navy report on the U-977 was released it made no mention of the 66-day submerged voyage. According to the U.S. Navy report, U-977 had stopped in the Cape Verde Islands for a break en route, and then completed the trip traveling on the surface using one engine arriving in Mar del Plata after 99 days at sea.

Historians tend to discount the U.S. Navy report and accept Capt. Schäffer’s report as the more accurate version. After the interrogations were completed and the U-boats thoroughly examined, the men were returned to Europe and the submarines destroyed in torpedo-firing exercises in the north Atlantic. In the mid 1990s, with rumors of Argentine complicity in harboring and otherwise assisting Nazis fleeing Allied “justice,” i.e., the hangman, still persisting, the Argentine government set up CEANA ('Comisión Para el Esclarecimiento de las Actividades del Nazismo en la Argentina'), an investigative group consisting of impartial historians and other, including Jewish, reputable individuals, to ascertain the truth about the extent of Nazi infiltration and of any contraband cargo brought in by submarines. The CEANA Commission was granted full access to the state archives of Argentina, the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and Portugal. The researchers, with the concurrence of the Jewish members, found that in fact only about 65 Germans, who could be considered war criminals, had entered Argentina. Of course a great many ordinary Germans also migrated to Argentina seeking new lives in the New World, just as tens of thousands of Soviet Jews were welcomed in the United States.

Those speculative writers [L. Szabo, C. Friedrich, J.P. Farrell, J. Robert et al.] who insist that Nazi installations and personnel, including Hitler and some of his associates, existed for years in New Swabia after the war, conjecture that submarine convoys traveling along deep, warm-water tunnels could have supplied them. They also refer to statements Adm. Dönitz is said to have made at the Nuremberg Tribunal:

"The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a Shangri- La on land, an impregnable fortress—an invulnerable fortress, a paradise-like oasis in the middle of eternal ice".

The Israeli writer and former Mossad agent Michael Bar-Zohar in his book "The Avengers" widely publicized this quote, writing:

"In March 1945 a detailed report was circulated in the U.S. State Department, which read: 'The Nazi regime has exact plans for the continuation of their plans and doctrine after the war. Some of these plans have already been put into effect'.

After the war, however, Dönitz denied ever having made the statement in the first place.

In December 1946, the British announced that a joint British and Norwegian expedition was operating in the south polar waters of Marguerite Bay. Admiral Byrd was said to be assisting in the work. Eight other nations, including the USSR, were also reported to be researching in the Antarctic. Immediately after World War II, the United States, no doubt prompted by an awakened awareness of the strength and ambitions of the USSR and possibly by rumors surrounding military aspects of the German Antarctic expedition, took a sudden great interest in the geopolitical, strategic, and economic potentials of the polar regions.

In the fall and winter of 1945-46 the U.S. Navy, to test the performance of men and equipment under extreme cold conditions, undertook its first polar expedition, called Operation Frostbite, in the Davis Straits off the coast of Greenland. The expedition employed the aircraft carrier 'USS Midway' and a few escorts. 'Operation Nanook' in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland followed shortly after. Both operations were preparatory for a major U.S. operation to the Antarctic. Authorized and organized by Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and Adm. Chester Nimitz, with Rear Adm. Richard Byrd, acting as officer in charge of the project and Rear Admiral Richard Cruzen commanding Task Force 68, 'Operation Highjump' got under way on 26 August 1946. Strictly a military operation, Highjump comprised 4,700 men, 33 aircraft on 13 ships, two seaplane groups, icebreaker 'Northwind', the submarine 'Sennet' and the aircraft carrier 'Philippine Sea'. Did the Operation include the submarine 'Sennet' to explore alleged warm-water tunnel passages?

"Highjump comprised 4,700 men, 33 aircraft on 13 ships, two seaplane groups, an icebreaker, a submarine and an aircraft carrier".

U.S. naval units arriving in the Antarctic from the United States were divided into three groups: the Central Group was stationed in the vicinity of Little America Base IV located on the Ross Ice Shelf; Eastern Group consisting of three ships rendezvoused at Peter Island 900 W; and Western Group also consisting of three ships proceeded to the Balleny Islands at 1630E. Upon command from Central Group, Western Group, located off to one side of Central Group, proceeded westward along the Antarctica coast toward the Prime Meridian. At the same time Eastern Group, situated to the other side of Central Group, headed eastward toward the Prime Meridian. When the two groups met at the Prime Meridian they were located right off the coast from Queen Maud Land. The site of New Swabia. Coincidence or planned?

Summerhayes and Beeching in their otherwise excellent article insist that the convergence of USN ships just off New Swabia was not a deliberate maneuver in order to search out and destroy all vestiges of the Nazi expedition. They write:

"The idea that the expedition was planned to attack a supposed German base in Queen Maud Land is wholly without foundation. Quotations attributed to Admiral Byrd suggesting anything to the contrary have been invented".

-- Colin Summerhayes and Peter Beeching. 'Hitler’s Antarctic Base: the Myth and the Reality', "Polar Record", 43 (224), 2007

However, German author Heinz Schön, who is not considered a speculative writer, insists just as firmly that, "this encirclement of a continent, as Byrd expressed it, attacked the target from three fronts".

-- Schön, Heinz, "Mythos New-Schwabenland: für Hitler am Südpol: die Deutsche Antarktisexpedition 1938-39", Selent: Bonus Publisher, 2004

The initial stated purpose of Operation Highjump was to consolidate and extend U.S. sovereignty over the largest practicable area of the Antarctic continent and to establish the Little America IV Base. This was later denied, and the prime purpose was then said to be to train personnel and test equipment under extreme polar conditions. Unofficially, it was rumored that the real purpose of the operation was to destroy New Swabia. Indeed, Highjump had made extensive use of airborne magnetometers in search operations. Ironically, it was to be Adm. Byrd, who had been invited to join the German operation 10 years earlier, who was now charged to destroy Neuschwabenland, including secret Nazi Antarctic Base 211, if indeed they ever existed.

Although much publicity was given to the operation in general, specific findings were nonetheless kept at the confidential level, thereby limiting access to the records. Adm. Byrd himself is said to have initiated the 'Nazis in Antarctica' scare. "El Mercurio", a Chilean periodical, reported the following:

"Adm. Richard E. Byrd warned today [5 March 1947] that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the polar regions . . . in a new war the United States could be attacked by planes flying over one or both poles. . . . Byrd said that the most important result of his observations and discoveries is the potential effect that they have in relation to the security of the United States. . . ."

Those skeptical investigators who insist that, despite repeated clashes with British and American forces, the Nazi base in New Swabia continued in operation for some years and only went silent during the 1958 International Geophysical Year after the United States secretly dropped three nuclear bombs over the area. However incredible this may seem, the United States now admits that indeed it secretly did explode three such bombs over the South Atlantic Ocean during 'Operation Argus' on 27 August, 30 August and 6 September 1958 without reporting the tests until a year later. The "New York Times" first reported the atmospheric bursts on 19 March 1959; the full results and documentation of the tests were not declassified until 30 April 1982.

Approximately 1,500 men on nine ships [Task Force 88] participated in Operation Argus, whose main purpose, U.S. authorities report, was to demonstrate the validity of the Christofilos theory, i.e., to prove the artificial creation of an electron shell derived from neutron and fission-decay products and ionization of device materials in the upper atmosphere. The tests—which authorities insist had absolutely nothing to do with the existence, real or imaginary, of a Nazi base in Antarctica— had to be kept secret because of the forthcoming bans on atmospheric and exo-atmospheric testing. Moreover, the authorities say, the tests had been conducted far distant [over 1,200 miles] from Queen Maud Land. Again and again the responsible authorities in both the UK and the United States, by failing to give accurate and full information about their own activities in the Antarctic on the grounds that divulging such information would endanger national security, have provided speculative writers the opportunity to imagine for themselves what actually could have happened.

Because the 1938 German Antarctic expedition had neither the time nor the means, it may be assumed with 99% certainty that the Nazis did not establish a base. There were never any flesh-and-blood Nazis based in New Swabia, nor were there ever submarine pens or flying saucer launch pads. The imagined ghosts of Nazis sufficed to spook the UK and the United States. It is much more likely that the bold German undertaking in 1938 awakened the 'Anglo-American empire' to the strategic and potential economic value of Antarctica and the need to secure a piece of the pie. As this episode shows, it is nonetheless important that investigative writers question the 'official' version of important events. In this instance, because of the frenzied U.S. and UK military activities in Antarctica after the German expedition and the unreliability of official information, the skeptics and questioners were almost challenged to invent their own narratives. There could, after all, be cases in which the official version of a historical event—for reasons of state —is accidentally or deliberately incorrect, and skeptics are needed to ferret out the truth. Just months after the German expedition arrived home, the UK declared war on Germany. During the war the tough old aircraft-carrying 'Schwabenland' served Germany again as a long-range reconnaissance asset until torpedoed in Oslo-Sandvik on 7 February 1945.  

Daniel W. Michaels was for over 40 years a translator of Russian and German texts for the Department of Defense, the last 20 years of which [1972-1993], he was with the Naval Maritime Intelligence Center. He is a frequent contributor of articles to geographical and historical periodicals. Born in New York City, he now lives in the D.C. area. TBR is planning in the near future to compile the scores of articles Mr. Michaels has written for TBR over the years into one large reference volume. If you’d like to contribute to this project call 202-547-5586


The 2012 TBR article by Daniel Michaels on New Swabia contains excellent facts, just an illogical conclusion, especially his final pronouncement — "It may be assumed with 99% certainty that the Nazis did not establish a base [in the Antarctic]".

The entire article not only strongly suggests the opposite but hints that neither Michaels, an Naval Intelligence man, nor his old employer, the Department of Defense, believe in this conclusion.

Among the facts that Michaels’ own article adduces which rather contradict this verdict:

– 'Operation Highjump' [1946-47], which was organized to 'explore' the Antarctic, was a totally military expedition decreed at the highest levels [ordered by Defense Secretary James Forrestal, planned by the Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, and carried out by an American hero, Admiral Richard Byrd]. It involved 4,700 men, 33 aircraft, 13 ships, two seaplane groups, an icebreaker, a submarine and an aircraft carrier [the 'USS Midway]

Clearly the US Navy was terrified of aggressive penguins [perhaps German-speaking?]

– The “Highjump” task force converged from three directions exactly on New Swabia, where the Reich had a base in 1938-39…

– in 1958 the U.S. military dropped three atomic bombs on the Antarctic [as part of a “physics experiment,” of course…]

–the name of the 1958 task force which returned to the scene, consisting of 1,500 military personnel and nine ships, was "Task Force 88".

At this stage the humor in the choice of the number “88” should be obvious to everyone. [The numbers 88 in numerology mean the letters HH, which means “Heil Hitler.” Lest anyone think there are no occult types at the Pentagon, D-Day occurred at 6 am on the 6th day of the 6th month of 1944, and 44 is a multiple of 11…and we had 9/11, the John Kennedy murder on 11/22, and on and on].

Maybe the Mr. Michaels simply does not want to be bumped off, so he pro forma defanged, at the end, the thrust of his entire article. If he is still alive and un-bumped off, his ploy worked.

For those seriously interested in the momentous topic of whether the Reich survived the war as an operating force, one should consult the ten books by Joseph Farrell, Ph.D. (Oxford) on the massive survival of the Third Reich in the postwar period [though he focuses more on South America]. For Farrell, National Socialism now lives on as a financial, high-tech and nuclear-weapons network. The Reich is now, ironically, like the Jews before 1948, a racial, monetary and ideological network — with feared agents everywhere, but a country nowhere — so it is still quite handicapped.

There is a similar account circulated by the distinctly pro-Nazi novelist Wilhelm Landig in his 1971 novel "Götzen gegen Thule", a novel he billed as "full of realities" (voller Wirklichkeiten), of a large German base in the Canadian Arctic, near the magnetic North pole.

As if that were not enough, Landig maintains that these aircraft were not equipped with normal machine guns or cannon for their defensive weaponry, but utilized a 'Metallstrahl', essentially an electromagnetic 'rail gun' used to propel tiny pellets with extreme velocity, a kind of hyper-velocity shotgun that would more than rip apart any Allied aircraft, and do so at great distances.

Magnetofunk and Himmelskompass and Point 103

The Magnetofunk and Himmelscompass were passive defenses used by the Germans in conjunction with their secret arctic base, which Wilhelm Landig calls "Point 103". To gain some understanding of these devices it is necessary to discuss this base but to do that we must digress even further to include the Nazi post-war writer Wilhelm Landig and one of his detractors. In 1993 Joscellyn Godwin published "Arktos The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism, And Nazi Survival". Godwin summarizes Landig's contribution as best as possible in six pages. Godwin's point in this summarization was to paint Landig's attempt to air the Nazi point of view as Godwin puts it: "Götzen gegen Thule is in one sense a massive work of revisionism, or, to put it plainly, of whitewashing the Nazis". 1

Godwin is part of a time-tested tradition. He cites and uses the work of known Nazis, but, to do so and to get his work published, he must mumble an anti-Nazi formula as penitence. The effect is to discredit Landig. Unfortunately, because of the language barrier, this has become the 'accepted party line' view of Landig in the English-speaking world. Wilhelm Landig died in 1997. Since then we have learned that he was in the SS and was in charge of security at the Prague Airport, the site were the Habermohl saucer lifted off. 2 In all probability, he oversaw, on at least one occasion, not only the Habermohl model, but the Schriever and Miethe designs as well. Landig was a responsible person within the security structure of the 3rd Reich and probably came across many other items of interest during his duty, which he passes along to us in his writing.

After the war, Landig wrote three novels describing things and events that went on in the war and immediately afterward. He prefaces these works by telling the reader these are novels full of realities. This was "code" because in the post-war world of Germany and Austria one was not allowed to state in fact what Landig stated in "fiction". One of these 'facts' was Point 103. Point 103 was a secret German base somewhere in the Arctic. Landig tells us it was in Canada but, in fact, it could have been most anywhere. Point 103 was a military base in every sense of the word in "Götzen". It had hangars, runways, housing, storage facilities, shops, laboratories, and maintenance facilities, all contained in huge caverns blasted from the Arctic rock.

One main function of Point 103 was to serve as a weather station since northern storms move from the West before arriving in Europe and accurate weather forecasting on the part of the Germans for their military operations could help mitigate Allied air superiority. The Battle of the Bulge is a great example of how the Germans used bad weather to their advantage.

This base was always sought out by Allied aircraft. Landig tells us that this base survived this aerial onslaught and survived the war. In fact, Landig's story picks up at Point 103 after the war has ended. It is the technology that allowed this base to survive which is the topic. These devices, according to Landig, were the 'Magnetofunk' and the 'Himmelskompass'. The magnetic north pole, the 'North' of compasses, is not as close to the geographical North Pole as one would imagine. It is located near 70 degrees of North Latitude, near 90 degrees West Longitude, on the Boothis Peninsula in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

'Funk' in German has to do with our word 'radio'. Therefore, Magnetofunk is magnetic and delivered by radio waves. The job of the Magnetofunk was to deflect the magnetic lines of force in the instruments of Allied aircraft ever so slightly. Over the vast tracks of the Arctic, this slight deflection was designed to steer the search aircraft safely around Point 103. 3 But if the magnetic compasses of the Allied aircraft were altered, how would it be prevented from confusing the compasses of the Germans? How would the base ever be resupplied, for instance? The answer is the other device under consideration, the Himmelskompas or heavenly compass. This compass did not use the magnetic north pole to orient itself but oriented itself using the position of the sun instead. This compass was so sensitive to sunlight that it could even function in twilight or if the sun was below the horizon. The explanation given is that a portion of the sunlight striking the earth is polarized. This effect is said to be strengthened by the focused magnetic field in the region of the poles. This polarized light was measured and a position relative to the pole fixed4. Its ability to function below the horizon is based on its ability to register polarized light which would only appear above the horizon. Not only could this light be used for directional purposes but it could also be used to indicate the aircraft's attitude from the horizontal. This horizonal ability may be the cause of some confusion in its name. So, Landig claims that through use of these two devices the German polar base's secret location was kept from the Allies while its exact position was known to the Germans.

Is this a fairy tale as Godwin implies? Is there any proof? Nobody has ever found Point 103, or, if they have, this information has been kept from us. Nobody has ever come up with a Magnetofunk as far as is known. But there is independent evidence that the Himmelskompass did exist. And the evidence comes from United States Intelligence documents. These two references are brief and rather cryptic as are many such documents. They are more interested in identifying the devices to be studied without divulging classified details to the casual reader. Remember, the United States military already had plenty of horizon devices which were mounted in the cockpits of aircraft and indicated to the pilot the degree of level flight of the aircraft. Therefore, we are not discussing the usual cockpit horizon device in these reports. The first report comes from a prisoner of war, Kurt Kreutzfeld, involved in German high technology. In the report in question he also discussed German glide bombs, rocketry, devices for projectile direction, as well as microfilmed SS technology. He describes an 'Artificial horizon' as: "A self regulating artificial horizon for use in aircraft was invented by Dr. Knappstein, who had a factory in Berlin - Schöneberg. He worked in collaboration with Henschel, Berlin-Könswusterhausen. The horizon was not affected by any acrobatic maneuvers". 5

The second document is strange indeed. It is a two-page extract of a certain Lt. Newton's diary, copied and sent to a Col. Deyarmond on 6/21/45 by Col. D.L. Putt, Director of Technical Services. This was a month and a half after the war in Europe ended. The first entry concerned communications problems in forwarding an 'engine' to Wright-Patterson AFB and how to avoid such problems in the future. The second entry describes the lack of qualified technical people involved in the 'V-1' project (the American investigation) and how it would be great to find qualified Germans to explain it all. The third entry is the shortest and most cryptic: "1174-Restricted-9 June 1945 Subject: "Mother Horizon" Request received from Technical Data for one 'Mother Horizon', as the German's call it. It's a remotely indicating gyro horizon device. Equipment Laboratory seems to be the interested agency." 6 

Incidently, the US military spent huge amounts of time, money and manpower in the years following the war in secret missions, flying over the Arctic. This is no secret now since we have the testimony of Col. Wendele Stevens who took part in these operations while serving in the USAF. In these operations, B-29 bombers were outfitted with the latest electromagnetic sensing gear and flown all over the American and Canadian Arctic allegedly looking for "flying saucers". According to Wendele, when they were sighted, they were filmed and the film and recorded measurements were spirited way to Washington D.C. Nothing was ever heard of them afterward. It may be no coincidence that something like this was the method used to track down German weather stations during the war. It is also even possible that the origin of these post-war, artic flying saucers was this base or others like it. 


1. Godwin, Joscelyn, 1993, "Arktos The Polar Myth In Science, Symbolism, And Nazi Survival", Phanes Press, Grand Rapids, MI.
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-- Henry Stevens, "Hitler's Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology"

All of these allegations would remain merely fanciful if it were not for the discovery by American UFOlogist William Lyne - himself definitely outside the 'mainstream' of the UFOlogy community - of a piece of German equipment that, quite literally, he bought at a second-hand store in White Sands, New Mexico!

6 January 1994 "Albuquerque Journal North" article featuring
William Lyne and His Mysterious Nazi Compass

Lyne is the author of a rather extraordinary book of Ufology - a field 
in which in which the extraordinary seems to be the norm - called
"Space Aliens from the Pentagon", the main theme of which is his
adamant insistence that UFOs are entirely terrestrial and
man-made,and being used to advance a fictitious "alien agenda"
and psychological operations campaign.

Lyne, notwithstanding the more often than not unbelievable aspects
of his book, was, in addition to Wendelle C. Stevens, one of the few
UFOlogists to take the Nazi origins myth of UFOs seriously prior
to the publication of Nick Cook's "The Hunt for Zero Point"


The unusual thing about this piece of equipment was not only its circular central Swastika - a clear reference to the occult Thule Gesellschaft since that version of the Swastika appeared on its emblem - but also its designation as a Peiltochterkompass, a "daughter compass."

Investigating this strange piece of equipment further, Lyne concluded that it was no ordinary compass, since it appeared not to operate by any magnetic means, which might explain how it ended up in White Sands, New Mexico! Lyne and his mysterious compass even became the subject of an article in a local American newspaper.

Why is Lyne's find so important to the allegations of Nazi bases in the Canadian Arctic that were being supplied by long range aircraft?

Very simple.

If there were ever any truth to the allegations of German bases in these heavily forested regions, then normal magnetic compasses would be of virtually no use for navigation purposes in the region, since standard compasses are notoriously inaccurate at the polar regions with solar energy cascading down and causing local disruptions of the magnetic field.

Some other method, therefore, had to be found to orient aircraft for safe navigation. Landig alleges that this was done by means of a compass that oriented itself to the sun by reading polarized light, rather than magnetic field lines. Lyne therefore seems to have found some version of this compass in an area of America known for its secret research laboratories some twenty years or so after Landig's surreal allegations first appeared!

But according to Landig there is even more to consider, for according to him the German base in the Canadian Arctic was actively researching and developing so-called "free energy" devices, devices that would tap the so-called "zero point energy" of quantum mechanics.

In this connection, the research was allegedly carried out under the auspices of the SS Entwicklungstelle IV, or SS "Developmental Installation IV," an entity, if it existed at all, that would have fallen under the mission brief and jurisdiction of Kammler's SS Sonderkommando, for it was responsible for "research into making Germany independent of foreign energy sources."

So with Landig's fantastic allegations, we come full circle back to the exotic energy sources, the technologies, the occult, and the SS research being conducted by Nazi Germany.

To summarize the accumulated allegations and evidences:

Fact: The Germans undertook an expedition to Antarctica whose hidden purpose was clearly military in nature, since one cannot imagine the likes of Reichsmarschall Göring sponsoring an expedition for any other purpose

Fact: The United States on two separate occasions over the wide time-frame of eleven to twelve years undertook two large military expeditions to that continent, both under appropriate cover stories for mapping (the 1947 Byrd expedition, Operation Highjump, and for the 1957-58 Geophysical Years (to study the effects of atomic blasts on Antarctic weather!)

Fact: Admiral Byrd, the leader of the first American expedition, was recorded in a South American newspaper as warning of "enemy" aircraft capable of violating American airspace with ease, and of flying form pole to pole with tremendous speed

Fact: The German Navy showed great interest in the "free-energy" ideas and coils of Hans Coler, for the ostensible purpose of creating a means of submarine propulsion that would allow German U-boats to stay submerged more or less indefinitely

Fact: Admiral Byrd's diaries and logs from his expedition are still classified

Fact: Coler's inventions were highly classified by the German Navy, and later by the British, who only declassified them over thirty years after the war's end

Fact: The Germans had also apparently contrived a sophisticated compass for possible use in polar regions by aircraft, and possibly by other less conventional aircraft

Fact: the alleged time span of the German Antarctic base's survival is coincident with 'golden age' of the UFO, from the Arnold sightings, the Roswell Crash, up to and beyond the great 1950s Washington DC UFO flap

Fact: SS General Dr. Ing. Hans Kammler had assumed total control of all the Third Reich's secret weapons research by the end of the war, a position which would have made him privy to the German Navy's research

Fact: It is evident from the movements of General Patton's divisions in the closing days of the European war that Kammler's SS secret weapons empire was the deliberate, and principal, target of these military operations

Allegation: Grand Admiral Dönitz on more than one occasion alluded to the role of the German U-boat fleet in the construction of secret bases in polar regions

Allegation: These bases were staffed by SS troops, and presumably technicians conducting ongoing secret research into "zero point energy" or "free energy"

Allegation: Said research fell under an SS entity called S-IV, recalling Kammler's S-III

Allegation: These bases were said to be defended by exotic types of weaponry, including electromagnetic "rail guns" to devices that could interfere with and halt standard electrical engine ignitions systems

Allegation: There were secret SS teams working on "areas of physics" even more exotic than atomic and thermonuclear energy

Allegation: There is a connection to Nazi occult interests in the polar regions via the myth of the pre-war occult Thule Society [Thulegesellschaft]

Fact: The highest levels of the SS were initiates into Himmler's occult inner circle at Wewelsburg, making it likely that Kammler himself was such an initiate

Fact: The 1944 German atom bomb test at Rügen took place at a location with its own occult pedigree and significance for the pre-war Germanic, and very occult, Order of the New Templars

What emerges from this list is disturbing indeed. Clearly, a prima facie case can be made that the Nazi leadership had invested significant resources in the investigation of any and all avenues to power, occult and otherwise, and to new sources of energy.

And equally clearly, the Nazi leadership was willing to think "outside the box" and to go to any lengths - often quite literally - to research those matters.

What also emerges from this list is a preoccupation with areas of physics, and areas of the globe, almost completely neglected - at least publicly - by the wartime Allies.

Moreover, what also emerges is a disturbing sense, that maybe, just maybe, there was something to the survival myths after all, for one thing seems clear from the pattern of events after the war, particularly in respect to Antarctica:

Such myths were inevitably connected to the exotic research pursuits the Germans were conducting, and such myths seem clearly to have been the hidden motivation for American counter-strikes.

Aerospace researcher and writer, William R. Lyne, who had a Top Secret clearance in Air Force Intelligence, says we need not look to space for the origins of flying saucers. Residing in New Mexico for over 30 years, where he has developed intelligence contacts at Los Alamos, the secret facility where much of this country's most classified military research is being conducted, he has seen several formations of flying saucers and has concluded that the UFO crash at Roswell was an elaborate government disinformation hoax meant to convince the American public that these objects are interplanetary... when in fact they are manufactured right here on earth.

Ever heard of the concept of Free Energy? What the term means is the ability to generate more energy than was expended to create that energy in the first place. Or, in other words, to create powerful, usable energy virtually out of nothing. According to Einstein's theory of relativity, it should be literally impossible to do so.

Lyne doesn't let something like Einstein stand in his way as he recounts the history of maverick inventor Nikola Tesla's pioneering efforts to create just the kind of Free Energy device capable of powering the man-made flying saucers Lyne believes the Nazis operated before, during and after World War II.

As Lyne says, when Tesla offered his new experimental technology to the U.S. government, they turned him down flat, believing he was quite insane. It was at that point that the Germans sent in a covert operative to cultivate Tesla's friendship and bring Tesla's device to the aid of the Nazi military.

An excerpt from the book, "Space Aliens from the Pentagon'
Subtitle - 'Flying Saucers Are Man-Made Machines'

My book is related to the following list of little-known, officially suppressed or publically unknown facts:

1. An American citizen [naturalized], Nikola Tesla [an atheist and a capitalist], invented the flying saucer, before 1900, and reduced it to practice by 1915.

2. The American government helped the Nazis steal the invention from Tesla [who hated the Nazis], and by 1937, the Nazis were secretly developing it at Los Alamos, New Mexico [then called the "p2" project], under the direction of the Baron Wernher von Braun, who also collaborated in rocket research with Dr. Robert Goddard at Roswell, funded by the American Rocket Society [The Smithsonian Institution and the Guggenheim Foundation].

3. The American government later helped Wernher von Braun, the Nazis, and the Trilateral Commission and Illuminati [who still retain control] remove the "KT-p2" Projekt [KT" is for "Kreisel-Teller" German, for "Gyrating Plate"] and "p2" is the electronic designation for an "oscillating electromagnetic dipole"] to Germany, after 1937.

4. The Nazis, who attempted to develop and use the flying saucer during the war [called "Foo-Fighters" by us, "Fireballs" and "Flying Turtles" by them], were unsuccessful in developing appropriate weapons for it until too late, and finally traded it back to us during the stalemate of 1945, in exchange for amnesty for numerous persons [including many war criminals], and for other concessions and guarantees (many of which are too numerous or incredible to mention here).

5. The U.S. government [N.S.A., O.S.I.], on behalf of the Trilateral Commission, continues with and enforces a Nazi-originated "Big Lie" program, in which it perpetuates the hoax that flying saucers ["U.FO.s"] are: (a) Extraterrestrial in origin; (b) psychological phenomena ("collective consciousness archetypal images", ala C. G. Jung); (c) swamp gas; (d) "free-floating plasmas"; (e) piezo-electric effects; (f) ball-lightning; (g) other natural phenomena; (h) unknown life forms; (i) hallucinations; (j) non-existent; (k)hoaxes by attention-seekers; (l) the products of hysteria, insanity, etc., etc.

6. The German navy surrounded the U.S. with 24 U-Boats, armed with [V-6?] I.C.B.M.s, having celestial guidance systems, and armed with neutron bomb warheads, trained on key American cities and centers, in a 1945 stalemate; German Admiral Karl Dönitz negotiated a secret truce and amnesty agreement with American authorities, under which he was required to order all 24 U-boats "...scuttled, with all hands on board...", under the agreement, pursuant to which Nazi skippers opened the hatches and the subs and all men on board went to the bottom. Under Operation Paperclip, all Nazi scientific research materials, most of their important scientists, and the "KT-p2 Projekt" technology, were transferred to the U.S. and to the Trilateral Commission corporations, thus attempting to insure that the Illuminati would retain control of the materials. Certain unusual security procedures were initiated to insure this, including the "sacrificing" of some major German scientists to the Soviets, to plant misinformation, and to insure that the hoax was successful.

7. During the war, German scientists bypassed development of the "atom bomb", and built and tested the neutron bomb. German field Marshall Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps were originally sent to North Africa to test the neutron bomb, as well as Tesla's "death ray" [which freezes whole armies]; this technology was acquired by American corporations, held chiefly by David Rockefeller, and was later sold in part back to the U.S. government and tested in the '60s, and the same technology was again sold to the U.S. government again in the '70s and '80s, as "Star Wars".

8. Over 15,000 German military, technical, intelligence, and support personnel were brought to America [mostly New Mexico-Manzano Base, Sandia Base, White Sands Missile Range, Alamogordo, Holloman A.F.B., Los Alamos, etc.] with the "KT-p2" project, in September 1945, at which time, under Operation Paper Clip, Wernher von Braun became Director of Research, U.S. Army Ordnance, Ft. Bliss, Texas; he and his 116 top rocket scientists commenced rocket [and flying saucer] R.& D. at nearby White Sands Missile Range, and Alamogordo.

9. Howard Hughes "Glomar Explorer" was built to retrieve the 24 scuttled German U-Boats, before terrorists or unfriendly governments found and retrieved the subs, missiles, bombs, and related technology, and because the WW II German U-boats were powered by a type of magnetic-electric generator [invented by an American named Dort of Virginia] which was superior to nuclear power. Further details about the German "ship", the 'Graf Zeppelin' are included in this book.

Adolf and Eva [Braun] Hitler were daringly rescued from the Berlin Bunker by flying saucer, piloted by test pilot Hanna Reitsch and long distance flight expert Hans Ulrch Rudel. The couple were later protected by the secret amnesty agreement, lived their remaining lives under protection of the N.A.T.O. alliance, in Kassel, Germany, ironically the home of an international monument to the Holocaust. The "Hitlers" even visited America on the invitation of L.B.J. to visit "Hemisfair", the World's fair at San Antonio, Texas, in 1967.

10. Part of the original deceit was under way at Wright-Patterson A.F.B., Ohio, even before the German surrender; Edgar Cayce was already employed as a technical writer, to revise, adapt, and resume the propaganda work pioneered by Hans Hörbiger, Hitler's personal guru and astrologer, the official "father of parapsycholgy", and designer of the Nazi "Big Lie" system, in which the public's "credibility window" is wallowed into a giant hole, allowing the indiscriminate acceptance of faceless authority and whatever the government says; the U.S. government even hired an Ohio naval law professor [and genius] to revise and popularize "Astara" ["Ostara" to Hitler], the Nazi religion based on the Bonpas [Tibetan black magic] religion, imported from Tibet to Germany by general Karl Haushofer, an ordained Bonpas priest, as the basis for the S.S., financed and setup on instructions of the British-American CFR, in 1919; the S.S. Bonpas worshipped "Kali Ma" ("Bloody Mother"). This cult founded the ancient Thugee cult of India, and was the basis for the Society of Assassins; the concepts of this weird religion related to the mass extermination of people, through many means, including assassinations, exterminations, and war; and the basis for all 20th century totalitarian movements.

11. Most forms of mass communication are primarily controlled or produced by the Illuminati, through the secret agencies of our government, to brain wash the public, in the most monumental hoax in history, to socio-economically control the world, and to perpetuate lies designed to obscure the flying saucer's man-made origin and use [as well as to steal and conceal or monolithically control all other advanced technology]; the government hires consultants, contract script writers, and teams of Ph.D.s, to create and disseminate "Big Lie" Propaganda, in countless pulp magazines and newspapers, and finances and produces books and movies of the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" ilk, to perpetuate the "extraterrestrial" myth; the government controls and manipulates the press, hires lecturers, and organizes and funds UFO groups; the government stages "abductions", using actors, drugs, and sets; "Operation Blue Book" was set up at Wright-Patterson A.F.B. to retrieve leaked information and plug leaks, disseminate misinformation, falsely represent "expert, objective, scientific opinion", and to ferret out 'problem people'; mystical organizations (such as A.R.E.- "Association for Research and Enlightenment"- part of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, of Virginia Beach, Virginia [conveniently close to the C.I.A. headquarters])- are created for the same purposes, and set the stage for the type of mass psychological control of the public required for totalitarian control by mystical cults, such as "Communism", "Naziism", "Synergy", or "psychic" cults.

12. Flying saucers operate on basic, simple, sound [but very carefully obscured] scientific electrical and physical principles, known for over 100 years; Sir George Clerk Maxwell's famous equations were 'edited' to remove certain information from 'unclassified' access, and all public sources were thoroughly scoured by the F.B.I. in 1942; the flying saucer used the electromagnetic interaction [which is on a magnitude of "10/40 (10 to the 40th power) x 2" times greater than the gravitational interaction], to move huge saucers at fantastic speeds in defiance to gravity and inertia, with almost no net energy consumption; flying saucers can be powered by unlimited electrical energy extracted from ordinary atmospheric air, based on Tesla's ca. 1900 discoveries; [NOTE: this book tells how to build your own flying saucer].

13."E.S.P." and "psychic phenomena" movements [based on Hans Hörbiger's original Nazi "parapsychology"] are orchestrated and promoted by the N.S.A., as part of the continuation of the original Nazi "Big Lie" program, to dupe and brain wash the public, and to induce unquestioned faith rather than reason; this clandestine manipulation by the government is an unconstitutional abridgement of the U.S. Constitutional First Amendment prohibition against the government's recognition or promotion of an "establishment of religion" [i.e., generally, a mystical belief system based on faith rather than reason].

14. As an underlying cause of the "Holocaust", a proposal was made by the U.S. Government to the Treaty of Versaille Committee, in 1919. In a document known as "Morgenthau's Pastoral Policy", signed by President Woodrow Wilson [drafted by his Illuminati advisor, Hans Morgenthau, Sr.] and presented at Versailles. Under it, the U.S. attempted to make, as one of the provisions of the German surrender, the extermination of all Germans, as an "inherently warlike race", and the "reduction of Germany to a pastureland". The document, examined by me in 1968, was among the papers of former president Lyndon Baines Johnson, now kept in the Sid W. Richardson Research Center, at U.T., Austin.

15. The "cattle mutilations" phenomenon is an ongoing program of the C.I.A.'s Special Operations Division. 'Biological samples' are removed by specially trained flying saucer crews, from thousands of cattle grazing in remote areas, for analysis, to measure radiation-caused auto-immune-deficiency and reproductive sterilization effects, after the cattle have been subjected to irradiation by "Death Ray" devices under development since the 60s. Since 1979, the saucers have bombarded members of the public, under the MK-NAOMI program of the C.I.A., for purposes of "population control" [i.e., extermination]. Government scientists use special surgical devices, standard blood coagulents, and cryogenic technology, enhanced by microwave equipment, to remove the cattle blood and ears, lips, tongues, mammary glands, genitalia, anuses, etc.; afterward, the carcasses are returned and air-dropped from flying saucers, back into their original pastures; the mysterious circumstances are misconstrued by government-spread rumors of "extra-terrestrials", attributed to "satanist cults" or other cults created by the government, or "coyotes and other natural predators", etc. [Of course, Man is a "natural predator"].

16. The Antarctic "Ozone Hole", which U.S. government scientists pretend to be at a loss to explain-yet blaming it on "aerosol sprays" is probably the by-product of three nuclear missiles, armed with hydrogen bomb warheads, which were launched from the Antarctic by the U.S. military, on 27 August, 30 August, and 9 September 1957. The warheads were detonated at a 300-mile altitude, to create a reflective spherical layer of ionic particles surrounding the earth, to bounce radar impulses between the layer and the earth. The Strategic Air Command's global "backscatter" radar system, operated from the North American Air Defense [NORAD] command center deep beneath the earth at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, thus became operational in 1957, in time to verify that the Russians fired the rocket which launched Sputnik.

17. The N.S.A. protracts a false "national security" veil, to continue concealment of flying saucer technology, creating false fears of "rampant anarchy", "chaos", and other exaggerations and ruses, before N.S.A., committees, to justify continued secrecy, and to continue to deny public access to, or to declassify the technology. [If society isn't ready for it, how can THEY be?] 

18. The true scientific principles of gravity have been misrepresented, confused, and concealed by "Big Brother", even in school books read by our children, just to conceal flying saucer technology, to protect the energy cartels and the mixed-economy socialist political power structure from losing its illegitimate parasitic grip on us.

19. In 1897, Nikola Tesla, a patriotic naturalized U.S. citizen, of Serbo-Croatian birth, discovered and published a new theory of energy and gravity, called the "Dynamic Theory of Gravity", which represented a unified field theory. Tesla's energy equation, "C=E/R", and Tesla's application to the Swiss Patent Office for his flying saucer patent, was made while Albert Einstein was a second class patent clerk there. Einstein's work was an Illuminati conspiracy to obliterate Tesla's discoveries, so the Illuminati could control flying saucers.

20. The government's policy of looting and suppressing ideas from independent scientists, inventors, and thinkers, on behalf of the Trilateral Commission, is related to this process, involving (1) stealing ideas from creative individuals; (2) destroying those individuals' credibility, to conceal the sources and technology; (3) ruining the lives of those individuals (even murdering them if necessary), and denying compensation or credit; (4) exercising the option to suppress the ideas under "national security laws", or giving the discoveries to their corporate crook partners for exploitation; and (5) abusing and misusing the judicial system to carry out and enforce this illegitimate, criminal process.

21. I am either correct in what I say, or am entitled to a Nobel Prize for new discoveries in gravitational theory and nuclear physics. The former is most certainly true. Since Russia in fact acquired the services of the top Nazi flying saucer scientist, and the top rocket scientist, from the Peenemünde operation, in 1945, here is a strong possibility that the Russians were privy to these secrets.


Some of you who have taken the time to read this letter, have the means to verify what I say. Others, who are among the guilty, will naturally be threatened. Others know me, and may have even offered me a high government position, which I refused. Some may shrug me off as a "harmless nut", while others may seek to harm me even more. Those who know the truth, and failed or refused to use their power to restrain the abusive government, criminals, courts, and lawyers, are responsible for causing me to say these things, and have inadvertently liberated this truth, which is my means of self defense, an inalienable natural right.

Bureaucrats naturally underestimate the power of the individual, since they are collectivists who lack a concept of individuality, operating under the delusion of "the invincibility of the state". I may not have become angry enough to publish this expose', if they had not continued to harass me. However, what I say I HAD to say, and would have said it much sooner had it not taken me so long to gain the opportunity between harassments. Even though I am aware of the danger to me and my family, and since there have already been several murder attempts, any one of which could have succeeded, I say this while there is still an opportunity to do so, and remove their motive from the equation. Besides, it is really they who are afraid of the truth.

This letter is not intended to advance or affect any pending litigation. Those of the judiciary have already proclaimed their prejudice against me, all my pleadings having fallen upon deaf ears. This letter should not affect rights which have already been predisposed in the anti-individual bigoted courts, according to them.

This letter represents my civil disobedience, freedom of speech and expression of political opinion, declaring the right to the disposition of the products of my own creativity, and to protest the hypocrisies of our government and courts, as a citizen, a human being, an American, and a Citizen of the World.

Nothing in this book was procured in violation of any law, including "national security laws"; our government officially denies a national security interest in flying saucers, denies their existence, and we are entitled to take our government at its word, albeit unreliable and false.

Those who deny the existence of flying saucers, or who falsely assume that they are extraterrestrial, are either the victims of government/corporate-state fraud, are irrational, brainwashed dupes, or are government liars. Those who make the most rational assumption-that "flying saucers are man-made flying machines" - will eventually be vindicated by history, since the truth will be known sooner or later, and it is already very, very late.

I would have invented the flying saucer if it had not already been invented, since the concept occurred to me when I was a boy studying electricity. At age 15, I prepared for a career in aerodynamics, until I witnessed a flying saucer in broad daylight, in the company of seven other intelligent witnesses. Believing that aerodynamics would be an obsolete field by the time I finished college, I cancelled my plans. I would never have expected the secrets still to be hidden over forty years later, with aerodynamics still be a viable field, due to the continued suppression. I had been building powered model flying saucers for four years before my first close-up daylight sighting in 1953. I knew that flying saucers were real, man-made flying contraptions, powered by electricity.

While saucers are visually fantastic, with their brilliant electrical corona discharges, emission of "metallic colors", and movement in rapid bursts, changing directions instantaneously, there was nothing which could not be explained by electronic and physical theory. I could see concentric striations on a somewhat crudely spun metal hull (probably a tungsten alloy), which was a crude, early form of "stealth" radar evasion technology, which "extraterrestrials" would have had no use for.

The spreading of confusion and lies shows something important to hide, involving high priorities, and highly trained and well-paid people. The patterns of this deceit reveals the substance of hidden knowledge, extracted by a time-consuming process. It is best not to believe anything until you have a reason to believe it.

This chapter caps off over 17 years of overt judicial harassment which ensued the moment George Bush took power at the CIA. Bush is a pal with fellow Trilateralist-Republican, Robert O. Anderson, the man who controls the North Slope of Alaska and the HAARP project. Anderson would now probably disavow any connection to ARCO, which he created. He now claims bankruptcy. Chapter I can be thought of as a kind of "Revolutionary Manifesto of Laissez Faire Capitalist Creatology"- [i.e., a manifesto of a radical, new artistic and scientific religion, based on the "Science of the Creative Process"]. It is a non-mystical, rational religion.

In 1979, I acquired a "Peiltochterkompass" (German, for "polar-daughter - [i.e., "slave"] compass"), a crude, 1943, WW II-vintage, German navigational device [the earliest type of celestial guidance system], which was interconnected to a "master compass" [a gyrocompass oriented to the North Pole]. It triggered bi-polar pairs of electrodes in the hull of the "KT-p2".

The flying saucer and its scientific principle, is the world's greatest invention, which mankind has been denied the benefits of for over fifty years, by the coercive monopolists, through government harassment, murder, secrecy, misinformation, hoax and other deceits.

It is now time to end this hoax upon the American people by their own government, and to end corporate-socialism and tax-slavery, and to return power to the individual. It is time for creative mankind to remove this yoke from its neck, and to move forward with a truly new world order of creative, laissez-faire capitalist civilization, with a free flow of beneficially creative ideas, associations, and products among mankind, in a peaceful world, peopled by creative, free, autonomous and self-sufficient individuals, whose bounty can provide for all. We have nothing to lose except stupidity.

NOW LET IT BE KNOWN that those who are responsible for what I am now saying, are supported by pillars of lies, and have set a philosophical wrecking ball into motion, which will eventually smash down their own foundations.

Nazi Gold, Hitler’s DNA and the Lost Land of Thule

UFOs, Nazis, Atlantis, alien biological weapons, and the quest for the lost land of Thule all sound like a recent episode topics of Stargate SG-1. But these are just some of the stories associated with a sizable military project called 'Operation Highjump' that was conducted by the U.S. Navy in 1946 in Antarctica.

In 1943, German Navy Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz stated that the German submarine fleet had "built for the Führer an impregnable fortress at the other end of the world," in the region of Queen Maude’s Land, later renamed Neuschwabenland

According to German naval archives, two months after Germany surrendered to the Allies in April, 1945, the German submarine U-530 left the Port of Kiel bound for Antarctica. Once the submarine arrived at the South Pole, 16 members of its crew were ordered to construct an ice cave in the region of Neuschwabenland. When construction was complete, several boxes of relics from the Third Reich, including Hitler’s secret files, were supposedly stored there. The sub then entered the Argentinean port of Mar-del-Plata and surrendered to authorities. It is also rumored that the submarine U-977 delivered the remains of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun to Neuschwabenland, for DNA cloning purposes. In August, 1945, one month and seven days after the surrender of U-530, U-977 also entered the waters of Mar-del-Plata and surrendered to authorities.

In 1946, U.S. Navy Admiral Marc A. Mitscher appointed Captain Richard H. Cruzen as commander of Operation Highjump, whose purported purpose was to map the frozen continent of Antarctica while looking for uranium deposits in the region. But several conspiracy researchers assert that they were actually looking for the underground Nazi base that supposedly warehoused German treasure and Hitler’s DNA.

Cruzen had expeditionary experience in Antarctica, having served with Rear Admiral Richard Byrd on the U.S. Antarctic Service Expedition from 1939 to 1941. In 1947, Operation Highjump commenced as part of the U.S. Naval Antarctic Developments Project.

Mapping or Reconnaissance

Operation Highjump commenced as part of the U.S. Naval Antarctic Developments Project, organized by Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal. The task force consisted of over 40 ships, including two destroyer class vessels and the aircraft carrier the 'U.S.S. Philippine Sea', and a number of planes that were outfitted with a trimetricon [a secret spying camera], a magnetometer [to record any magnetic anomalies], and the recently developed jet-assist takeoff bottles [JATO] which helped with takeoffs from the short runway on an aircraft carrier or for takeoffs on hard surfaces such as ice.

According to government documents, members of Operation Highjump took over 70,000 aerial photographs of select inland areas of Antarctica. Yet most of the photographs were declared unusable for mapping purposes, due to the dearth of adequate ground control points [cartographers need these points when creating maps].

It has been long thought by researchers that the Navy’s mapping story was nothing more than a cover to shield the real operation, which was reconnaissance and recovery of Nazi/Alien hybrid technology. It was also rumored that abandoned Nazi buildings and a downed Nazi plane was photographed, but this rumor has never been substantiated.

In 1947, Admiral Richard Byrd said, "the project was necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against enemy fighters which come from the polar regions." Was he referring to potential Soviet aircraft or Nazi Luftwaffe attacking the States from Antarctica? He never clarified this cryptic statement, which has only served to fuel further conspiracy theories.

Shortly after Admiral Byrd’s press conference the Soviet naval journal, "Red Fleet", stated that "US measures in Antarctica testify that American military circles are seeking to subject the Polar Regions to control and create permanent bases for their armed forces." In another odd twist, the governments of New Zealand, Australia and Chile asked for their militaries to join the Operation Highjump expedition but were denied participation. Official government sources say the US was doing nothing more than mapping the frozen continent, though looking for uranium deposits seems to have been on the agenda as well. While others insist they were looking for the underground Nazi base that warehoused German Vril flying discs known as flugscheiben and Thule mercury-powered spaceship prototypes also known as jenseitsflugmaschines.

In 1948, a second task force named Operation Windmill was also sent to take photographs of Neuschwabenland, again supposedly for mapping purposes. Although they apparently succeeded in their task, the government has yet to make these photos available to the public and no reason has ever been given for their nondisclosure. Some believe that the reason the photos have never been released is that this military operation was actually a reconnaissance and recovery mission.

In 1949, when James Forrestal began to suffer from a mental breakdown, he was sent to convalesce at Bethesda Naval Hospital. But when he began to discuss Operation Highjump with the hospital staff, talking wildly about UFOs, Atlantis, and an underground Nazi city, he was denied visitors, including his wife. Shortly afterwards, he fell out of his hospital window to his death. The official report said that he committed suicide but persistent rumors say that he was murdered by government agents to keep him from talking further about what was really found in the Antarctica wilderness during Operation Highjump.

The truth of the matter may never come to light, but what is known is that several U.S. military personnel surprisingly lost their lives during Operation Highjump; a supposed mapping operation that should have been an entirely safe endeavor. Also, multiple planes were downed during the operation, including the 'George One' which, according to Naval documents, mysteriously "just blew up" over the ice during its initial flight in Antarctica.

Beyond the legends of Nazi gold and Hitler’s DNA, could the Germans have been hiding advanced technology, or at least the blueprints for such, in Antarctica? Could the Nazis have hidden highly advanced foo fighters or even a nuclear bomb there? According to British Intelligence, we know that advanced, stealth foo fighters and Vril flying saucer-shaped craft were on the drawing board at the German Institute for Aerial Development. We also know that Austrian Viktor Schauberger discovered that physics operates with a dual principle of centripetence and centrifugence, also known as vortex dynamics. One of the experiments headed up by Schauberger included the apparent levitating of aircraft by the use of a water and hydrogen mixture coupled with vortex energy. This could have been a foo fighter prototype. According to records seized by Allies from the archives of the German High Command, the Nazis were also developing a series of A9 and A10 nuclear missiles with the goal of destroying New York City and Washington, DC. It was said that Schauberger’s air ships were the vehicle of choice for the delivery of these bombs. Though we know that such missiles were in the early development stages, blueprints for such weapons were never found. What is known is that these blueprints never fell into British or Russian hands. However, several of Schauberger’s prototype repulsine vortex machines were confiscated both the US and Russian military. After the war, Schauberger lived in the US and was rumored to be employed by the US government working as a consultant on a top secret UFO project in Texas, though his whereabouts also were also placed at Area 51, in the New Mexico desert.

Another rumor associated with Nazi involvement in Antarctica and Operation Highjump is that Antarctica was the lost Aryan homeland of Thule. While Antarctica has been linked to the lost continent of Atlantis, the linkage to Thule is less apparent. Thule (also known as Thula, Thyle, Thila, Tila, Tyle, or Tylen, among other cognates) was first written about by the Greek explorer Pytheas after his travels between 330 BC and 320 BC. In 150 AD, Greek writer Antonius Diogenes wrote "The Wonders Beyond Thule", a most likely fictional account of adventurer’s tales. While of literary interest, this work did little to reveal any secrets about Thule. Based upon writings by the Roman poet Virgil and by Roman Historian Pliny, scholars traditionally believed that Thule was most likely a reference to either Iceland, Greenland or Scandinavia. In medieval geographies Thule was referred to as distant place located beyond the "borders of the known world."

Nazi mystics believed in historical Thule (also referred to as Hyperborea) as the ancient origin of the Aryan race. The Thule Society or Thule-Gesellschaft was founded in 1918 by German occultist Rudolf von Sebottendorff to pursue research on Thule. The Nazis utilized the Thule Society as a focus point for all sorts of "black ops" projects. This is where the basis for Antarctica not only being a secret UFO base, but the lost land of Thule first originated. Legends and urban myths about Nazi-driven Thule Society exploits have persisted into the 21st century.

Just what was the US military doing in Antarctica in 1946 and 1947? Were they searching for uranium deposits or were they engaging remnant Nazi fighters in a battle for hidden alien/Nazi technology? Did the Nazis truly bury military secrets in the Antarctic or hide vast amounts of gold there in hopes of funding a future effort to resurrect the Fourth Reich. Or did they, as some claim, discover the lost land of Atlantis or Thule?

We may never know for sure but in 2001, the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the Support Office for Aerogeophysical Research confirmed the existence of a magnetic anomaly on the eastside shore of Lake Vostok in Antarctica, consistent with a man-made construct. Could this anomaly be part of an underground Nazi base that U.S. agents searched for during Operation Highjump?

Currently several organizations including U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the Support Office for Aerogeophysical Research (SOAR), the Earth Observatory of Columbia University and the British Antarctic Survey are performing research in Antarctica. In fact, the British Antarctic Survey is researching the magnetic anomaly, as well as other Antarctic phenomenon including the recently discovered subglacial lake, as part of the multinational task force mission known as the Antarctic Magnetic Anomaly Project. This project also involves research teams from Ohio State University, the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research [SCAR], NASA and various members of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy as well as the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. The Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute [AARI] is also currently performing magnetic and subglacial like research projects in Antarctica.

Something has indeed been discovered in Antarctica. One of the questions that begs to be asked is did the Nazis find, whatever it is, first? Did we send our military to Antarctica in 1946 to seize this discovery, thus laying claim to it before any other government could do so? In his groundbreaking bestseller "Map of the Ancient Sea Kings", Charles Hapgood (1904-1982), History Professor at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts, first put forth the theory that Atlantis resided in Antarctica and was destroyed by crustal displacement. In his bestseller, "When The Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis", Rand Flem-Ath furthered this idea that under the ice of Antarctica exists the remains of Atlantis. Could they be right?

Additional Notes

In 1999, with assistance of the Freedom of Information Act, I requested and was able to obtain a sizable file on Operation Highjump. Nothing too startling existed in the dossier but it did contain declassified military documents, ship manifests, official communiqués, etc. But in 2005 when I sent in a second request for information on Operation Highjump I received much less documentation than before. I guess in a post 9/11 world, information has become more restricted than before, though with this particular project it’s difficult to imagine why that would be the case.

One scientific discovery that was made during Operation Highjump was quite possibly the first evidence of global warming. Researchers on the expedition discovered that a region of Antarctic glacier had melted and came to the conclusion that it was due to the negative impact of pollution on the environment.

More recently, in October 2006, the Scripps Institute of Oceanography reported that they discovered several previously unknown lakes of water underneath the vast ice sheet of Antarctica. These lakes lie beneath 2,300 feet of compressed snow and ice. To detect the subglacial lakes the Scripps Institute used data from NASA’s ICESat, which sends laser pulses down from space to the Antarctic surface and back, much as sonar uses sound pulses to determine underwater features. The satellite detected descended anomalies in the surface that moved around as the hidden lakes continuously drain and fill beneath the surface glaciers. The Scripps Institute made observations from 2003 through 2006 of the Whillans and Mercer Ice Streams, two of the fast-moving glaciers that carry ice from the Antarctic interior to the floating ice sheet that covers parts of the Ross Sea. This project was conducted as part of a global warming assessment. This melting and draining was not because of global warming but of natural processes. Their report made no mention of the magnetic anomaly.

Michael Lohr is a professional journalist, outdoorsman, music critic, treasure hunter and adventurer. His writing has appeared in such diverse magazines as "Rolling Stone", "Esquire", "The Economist", "National Geographic Adventure", "Cowboys & Indians" and "Men’s Journal", to name a few.

Piri Reis Map


In 1929, during renovations of the old Imperial Palace in what is now Istanbul [formerly Constantinople], a painted, parchment map, drawn on a gazelle skin.was found, dated in the month of Muharrem, in the Moslem year 919 [A.D. 1513], and signed by an admiral of the Turkish navy, Piri Ibn Haji Memmed, known as Piri Re'is.

Research showed that it was a genuine document drawn in 1513 by Piri Reis in the sixteenth century.His passion was cartography. His high rank within the Turkish navy allowed him to have a privileged access to the Imperial Library of Constantinople.

Piri Re'is own commentary indicates that some of his source maps were from the time of Alexander the Great [332 B.C.].

The Controversy

The Piri Reis map shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. The northern coastline of Antarctica is perfectly detailed. The most puzzling however is not so much how Piri Reis managed to draw such an accurate map of the Antarctic region 300 years before it was discovered, but that the map shows the coastline under the ice. Geological evidence confirms that the latest date Queen Maud Land could have been charted in an ice-free state is 4000 BC.

On 6 July 1960 the U. S. Air Force responded to Prof. Charles H. Hapgood of Keene College, specifically to his request for an evaluation of the ancient Piri Reis Map.

6 July 1960
Subject: Admiral Piri Reis Map
TO: Prof. Charles H. Hapgood
Keenee College
Keene, New Hampshire

ear Professor Hapgood,

Your request of evaluation of certain unusual features of the Piri Reis map of 1513 by this organization has been reviewed.

The claim that the lower part of the map portrays the Princess Martha Coast of Queen Maud Land, Antarctic, and the Palmer Peninsular, is reasonable. We find that this is the most logical and in all probability the correct interpretation of the map.

The geographical detail shown in the lower part of the map agrees very remarkably with the results of the seismic profile made across the top of the ice-cap by the Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949.

This indicates the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice-cap.

The ice-cap in this region is now about a mile thick.

We have no idea how the data on this map can be reconciled with the supposed state of geographical knowledge in 1513.

Harold Z. Ohlmeyer Lt. Colonel, USAF Commander

The official science has been saying all along that the ice-cap which covers the Antarctic is millions of years old.

The Piri Reis map shows that the northern part of that continent has been mapped before the ice did cover it. That should make think it has been mapped million years ago, but that's impossible since mankind did not exist at that time.

Further and more accurate studies have proven that the last period of ice-free condition in the Antarctic ended about 6000 years ago. There are still doubts about the beginning of this ice-free period, which has been put by different researchers everything between year 13000 and 9000 BC.

The question is: Who mapped the Queen Maud Land of Antarctic 6000 years ago? Which unknown civilization had the technology or the need to do that?

To draw his map, Piri Reis used several different sources, collected here and there along his journeys. He himself has written notes on the map that give us a picture of the work he had been doing on the map. He says he had been not responsible for the original surveying and cartography. His role was merely that of a compiler who used a large number of source-maps. He says then that some of the source-maps had been drawn by contemporary sailors, while others were instead charts of great antiquity, dating back up to the 4th century BC or earlier.

Dr. Charles Hapgood, in his book "Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings" [Turnstone books, London 1979, preface], said that:

"It appears that accurate information has been passed down from people to people. It appears that the charts must have originated with a people unknown and they were passed on, perhaps by the Minoans and the Phoenicians, who were, for a thousand years and more, the greatest sailors of the ancient world. We have evidence that they were collected and studied in the great library of Alexandria".

Piri Reis had probably come into possession of charts once located in the Library of Alexandria, the well-known most important library of the ancient times."

According to Hapgood's reconstruction, copies of these documents and some of the original source charts were transferred to other centers of learning, and among them to Constantinople. Then in 1204, year of the fourth crusade, when the Venetians entered Constantinople, those maps begun to circulate among the European sailors.

Most of these maps -Hapgood goes on- were of the Mediterranean and the Black sea. But maps of other areas survived. These included maps of the Americas and maps of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans. It becomes clear that the ancient voyagers travelled from pole to pole. Unbelievable as it may appear, the evidence nevertheless indicates that some ancient people explored Antarctic when its coasts were free of ice. It is clear too, that they had an instrument of navigation for accurately determining the longitudes that was far superior to anything possessed by the peoples of ancient, medieval or modern times until the second half of the 18th century.

In 1953, a Turkish naval officer sent the Piri Reis map to the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Bureau. To evaluate it, M.I. Walters, the Chief Engineer of the Bureau, called for help Arlington H. Mallery, an authority on ancient maps, who had previously worked with him.

After a long study, Mallery discovered the projection method used. To check out the accuracy of the map, he made a grid and transferred the Piri Reis map onto a globe: the map was totally accurate. He stated that the only way to draw map of such accuracy was by aerial surveying: but who, 6000 years ago, could have used airplanes to map the earth??

The Hydrographic Office couldn't believe what they saw: they were even able to correct some errors in the present days maps!!

The precision on determining the longitudinal coordinates, on the other hand, shows that to draw the map it was necessary to use the spheroid trigonometry, a process supposedly not known until the middle of 18th century.

The way the Piri Reis map shows the Queen Maud land, its coastlines, its rivers, mountain ranges, plateaus, deserts, bays, has been confirmed by a British-Swedish expedition to Antarctic [as said by Olhmeyer in his letter to Hapggod]; the researchers, using sonar and seismic soundings, indicated that those bays and rivers etc, were underneath the ice-cap, which was about one mile thick.

Charles Hapggod, in 1953, wrote a book called "Earth's shifting crust: a key to some basic problems of earth science", where he made up a theory to explain how Antarctic had been ice-free until year 4000 BC.

The theory summing up is as follows:

"The reason Antarctic was ice-free, and therefore much warmer, it is to be found in the fact that, at one time, its location wasn't the south pole. It was located approximately 2000 miles further north. Hapgood says this "would have put it outside the Antarctic Circle in a temperate or cold temperate climate.

"The reason why the continent moved down to its present location has to be found in a mechanism called "earth-crust-displacement". This mechanism, not to be confused with the plate-tectonics or the continental drift, is one whereby the lithosphere, the whole outer crust of the earth "may be displaced at times, moving over the soft inner body, much as the skin of an orange, if it were loose, might shift over the inner part of the orange all in one piece".

This theory was sent to Albert Einstein, which answered to Hapgood in very enthusiastic terms. Though geologists did not seem to accept Hapgood's theory, Einstein seemed to be as much open as Hapgood, saying:

"In a polar region there is a continual deposition of ice, which is not symmetrically distributed about the pole. The earth's rotation acts on these unsymmetrically deposited masses, and produces a centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. The constantly increasing centrifugal momentum produced in this way will, when it has reached a certain point, produce a movement of the earth's crust over the rest of the earth's body..."

-- Albert Einstein's foreword to "Earth's shifting crust"

In fact Piri Reis himself admitted he based his map on way older charts; and those older charts had been used as sources by others who have drawn different maps still of great precision.

Impressive is the "Dulcert's Portolano", year 1339, where the latitude of Europe and North Africa is perfect, and the longitudinal co-ordinates of the Mediterranean and of the Black sea are approximated to half a degree.

An even more amazing chart is the "Zeno's chart", year 1380. It shows a big area in the north, going up till the Greenland; Its precision is flabbergasting. "It's impossible" says Hapgood "that someone in the fourteenth century could have found the exact latitudes of these places, not to mention the precision of the longitudes..."

Another amazing chart is the one drawn by the Turkish Hadji Ahmed, year 1559, in which he shows a land stripe, about 1600 Km. wide, that joins Alaska and Siberia. Such a natural bridge has been then covered by the water due to the end of the glacial period, which rose up the sea level.

Oronteus Fineus was another one who drew a map of incredible precision. He too represented the Antarctic with no ice-cap, year 1532.

In his book, "Fingerprints of the Gods", Graham Hancock presents strong evidence that Antarctica was charted long ago by unknown people, when temperatures were much warmer.

He cites a number of old maps, such as the one drawn by Oronteus Finaeus in 1531, reproduced here. Experts examined the original and its age was verified. It was made in the 1500s--three centuries before Antarctica was allegedly even sighted, much less documented.

The map is startlingly accurate, depicting ice-free mountain ranges, a South Pole that's just about dead on and the Ross Sea as it would look without the ice shelf.

You can even see Ross Island.

How could someone draw such a map more than 200 years before Capt. James Cook even sailed south of the Antarctic Circle?

Hancock's answer is that it was actually mapped long ago, perhaps thousands of years earlier, and Finaeus merely copied those ancient sources.


There are maps showing Antarctica as two separated islands, as it was confirmed by a polar French expedition in 1738, which found out that there is an ice cap quite thick joining what it is actually two islands.

When human beings were supposed to live in a primitive manner, someone "put on paper" the whole geography of the earth. And this common knowledge somehow fell into pieces, then gathered here and there by several people, who had lost though the knowledge, and just copied what they could find in libraries, bazaars, markets and about all kind of places.

Hapggod made a disclosure which amazingly lead further on this road: he found out a cartographic document copied by an older source carved on a rock column, China, year 1137. It showed the same high level of technology of the other western charts, the same grid method, the same use of spheroid trigonometry. It has so many common points with the western ones that it makes think more than reasonably, that there had to be a common source: could it be a lost civilization, maybe the same one which has been chased by thousands years so far.


The Piri Re'is map is often exhibited in cases seeking to prove that civilization was once advanced and that, through some unknown event or events, we are only now gaining any understanding of this mysterious cultural decline. The earliest known civilization, the Sumerians in Mesopotamia, appear out of nowhere around 4,000 B.C. but have no nautical or maritime cultural heritage. They do, however, speak reverently of ancestral people who were like the "gods" and were known as the Nefilim.

Here is a summary of some of the most unusual findings about the map:

Scrutiny of the map shows that the makers knew the accurate circumference of the Earth to within 50 miles.

The coastline and island that are shown in Antarctica must have been navigated at some period prior to 4,000 B.C. when these areas were free of ice from the last Ice Age.

The map is thought to be one of the earliest "world maps" to show the Americas

Early scholars suggested that it showed accurate latitudes of the South American and African coastlines - only 21 years after the voyages of Columbus! [And remember, Columbus did NOT discover North America - only the Caribbean].

Writing in Piri Re'is own hand described how he had made the map from a collection of ancient maps, supplemented by charts that were drawn by Columbus himself. This suggests that these ancient maps were available to Columbus and could have been the basis of his expedition.

The "center" of the source map projected from coordinates in what is now Alexandria - the center of culture and home of the world's oldest and largest library until its destruction by Christian invaders.

New Swabia [Neuschwabenland] is an area of Antarctica between 20°E and 10°W in Queen Maud Land. It was explored by the German Antarctic Expedition which discovered ice-free areas with warm fresh-water lakes and vegetation.

While it is widely accepted that the Nazis were defeated with the German Government's formal surrender in 1945, this is only partly true. The media is largely controlled by the Rothschild banking dynasty, and has promoted a false narrative concerning the events of WW2.

Hitler's body was never recovered, and no Nazi party member ever signed any documents of surrender. That is why, after the Allies claimed unconditional victory, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal sent a naval task force, called "Operation Highjump", to Antarctica, including Admiral Chester Nimitz, Admiral Richard Cruzen and Admiral Richard Byrd. Over 4,700 military troops from the U.S., Britain and Australia, consisting of three Naval battle groups departed on 2 December 1946.

The US military and intelligence were apparently trying to locate the immense underground facility constructed by the Germans, before, during and immediately after the Second World War, Base-211, that was likely used to further their research and successful development of advanced propulsion technology, based on free energy.

According to first hand testimonials from crew members participating in Operation Highjump, including an interview given by Admiral Byrd himself, the Antarctic Nazis developed their saucer-shaped discs far in advance of anything possessed by the U.S. They swiftly defeated the massive "post WW2" Allied military attack. Another motive associated with Nazi involvement in Antarctica is that it was rumored to be the entrance to the lost Aryan homeland of Thule. While Antarctica has been linked to the lost continent of Atlantis, the linkage to Thule is less apparent.

Thule [also known as Thula, Thyle, Thila, Tila, Tyle, or Tylen, among other cognates] was first written about by the Greek explorer Pytheas after his travels between 330 BC and 320 BC.

In 150 AD, Greek writer Antonius Diogenes wrote "The Wonders Beyond Thule". While of literary interest, this work did little to reveal any secrets about Thule.

In medieval geographies Thule was referred to as distant place located beyond the "borders of the known world". Occult mystics believe in historical Thule [also referred to as Hyperborea] as the ancient origin of the Aryan race.

Just what was the US military doing in Antarctica in 1946 and 1947? Were they on a routine mapping mission or were they engaging remnant Nazi fighters with advanced alternative technology?

Did the Nazis truly build a military base in the Antarctic or hide vast amounts of gold there in hopes of funding a future effort to resurrect the Fourth Reich? Or did they, as some claim, discover the lost land of Atlantis or Thule?

We may never know for sure, but in 2001 the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the Support Office for Aero-geophysical Research confirmed the existence of a magnetic anomaly on the eastside shore of Lake Vostok in Antarctica, consistent with a man-made construct.

More recently, in October 2006, the Scripps Institute of Oceanography reported that they discovered several previously unknown lakes of water underneath the vast ice sheet of Antarctica. These lakes lie beneath 2,300 feet of compressed snow and ice.

Could this anomaly be part of an underground Nazi base that U.S. agents searched for during Operation Highjump? Something has indeed been discovered in Antarctica. One of the questions that begs to be asked is did the Nazis find, whatever it is, first?

Documents obtained by the obtained by the KGB at the close of WW2 recently surfaced which shows a Top Secret 1944 map from the Third Reich detailing not only the direct passageway used by German U-Boats to access underground polar caverns, but also a complete map of both hemispheres of the inner realm of Aghartha, the mythical name of the inhabited subterranean world.

In his groundbreaking bestseller "Map of the Ancient Sea Kings", Charles Hapgood, History Professor at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts, first put forth the theory that Atlantis resided in Antarctica and was destroyed by crustal displacement.

In his bestseller, "When The Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis", Rand furthered this idea that under the ice of Antarctica exists the remains of Atlantis

The possibility that the earth contains massive subterranean caverns, or is at least partially hollow, that these regions are accessible through passages at the poles, and that ancient secret breakaway civilizations flourish within them, has renewed people’s interest in a subject still considered by the media to be taboo. Could the Earth really have entire inhabited cities underground that we are unaware of on the surface? Where are the entrances to inner earth, and which races live on the inside?

The idea that our planet consists of a hollow, or honeycombed, interior is not new. Some of the oldest cultures speak of civilizations inside of vast cavern-cities, within the bowels of the earth. According to certain Buddhist and Hindu traditions, secret tunnels connect Tibet with a subterranean paradise, and they call this legendary underworld Agartha. In India, this underground oasis is best known by its Sanskrit name, Shambhala, thought to mean "place of tranquility". Mythologies throughout the world, from South America to the Arctic, describe numerous entrances to these fabled inner kingdoms. Many occult organizations, esoteric authors, and secret societies concur with these myths and legends of subterranean inhabitants, who are the remnants of antediluvian civilizations, which sought refuge in hollow caverns inside the earth.

Assuming that the myths are true, and the Earth is partially hollow, how could life survive underground? How would organisms receive the ventilation required to breathe miles below the surface? What would provide the light needed to see, or to cause the photosynthesis necessary for the plant life that allegedly exists in these inner worlds? Are there any known sources of sustenance available that could provide for a large human population?

Numerous endevours have been undertaken to access the interior of the earth. Polar expeditions and battles, such as Operation Highjump, still remain largely classified, and have been shrouded in secrecy for decades, but scientific revelations validating the rumors surrounding these covert events, and their implications, are finally being exposed to daylight.

Hitler Had A Secret Underground Base In Antarctica

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