In the end, as punishment for the great genocides of World War II, the evil doers died in the Bunker. Or did the real evil doers live on?

When the story was told Adolf Hitler, Josef Gö
bbels, two women, six children, and Blondi (Hitler's dog) met their fate. Two women, six kids and a dog? Who orchestrates this stuff?

Hitler died because he was worthless in the post war Nazi movement. Maybe less than worthless, as he raged against Hermann Göring for taking charge and Himmler for trying to negotiate with the West. Josef Göbbels may have made some powerful enemies early in the war, such as the Catholic Church Bishop Hudal by banning his book.

~Unholy Trinity by Mark Aarons and John Loftus

Despite the historical consensus that Hitler killed himself at the end of World War II there still linger unanswered questions.

The biggest question still is: Did he really commit suicide?

Other important questions begging for answers are:

  • Why would Adolf Hitler commit suicide after he had spent so much energy executing over 5000 Nazi officials whom he 'suspected' were behind his assassination attempt at the 'Wolf' bunker?
  • If Hitler shot himself in the right temple (as is claimed), why then do the Russians exhibit, what is supposed to be Hitler's cranium, showing a bullet hole in the back of his head?
  • Why did the Russians refuse to allow the Western Allies to see Hitler's presumed autopsy report?
  • For what reason did three German submarines land off the coast of southern Argentina more than two months after the end of World War II in Europe?
  • What was the reason for the disagreement between the Russian Military Intelligence (SMERSH) and the Russian Secret state Police (NKVD) regarding Hitler?
  • For what reason did Hitler's plane land in Barcelona, Spain on April 27th, 1945, three days before the alleged suicide?
  • Why did Stalin tell the Western Leaders that Hitler escaped from Berlin?
  • Why were there no burned wood planks on the spot where Hitler and Eva Braun were supposedly be cremated?

  • Until shortly before the fall of Berlin, up to 40 aircraft were on constant standby at Berlin Gatow for the evacuation of Hitler and his entourage. These aircraft were: "more than 13 Fw 200s, three Ju 290s, some He 111s, a large number of Ju 52s and "a few small machines". The "few small machines" may have included one or two helicopters. Although Germany had at least 30 helicopters operational at that time, nothing is known of their activities and none of the usual sources ever mention them.

    Sources: Görlitz: Keitel, 1961: Baur 1971, Hoffmann P: Sicherheit, 1975

    A Fa 233 transport helicopter flew a secret operation on Hitler's order from Berlin to Danzig between 26 February and 5 March 1945, returning to Werder near Berlin on 11 March 1945 after a flight of 1,675 kms.

    Source: The German Light Cruisers of WWII, Greenhill Books, 2002

    The purpose of this flight is unknown but might have been a trial to test the aircraft's endurance.

    Berlin-Danzig is the same distance as Berlin-German held northern Denmark and it was only one refuelling stop from there to Bodo in Norway, which the Third Reich controlled until the end.

    The Ju 390, was a scaled-up Ju 290 (long-range maritime reconnaissance bomber); it had six BMW 801D engines. Two prototypes were built in 1943 and in early 1944 - one flew from Mont-de-Marsan in France to within 20 km of the US coast near New York.

    The second prototype was attached to KG 200. There is some documentary evidence that this machine loaded at Schweidnitz in early April 1945, and according to declassified SS documentary material was last seen in false Swedish livery under tarpaulin wraps and heavy guard at Bodo airfield, Norway that same month.

    Suddenly in early May it was no longer there, and nobody knows what happened to it.

    Declassified Argentine intelligence documents state that in May 1945, a six-engined German transport aircraft from Europe landed on a large German ranch in Paysandu province, Uruguay with passengers and equipment, this ranch being near Puntas de Gualeguay about 70 kms out on the road from Paysandu town to Tacuarembo. The mile-wide River Uruguay separates Uruguay from Argentina. On the other bank from Paysandu is Entre Rios province, mostly marsh and wild pasture and a hotbed of German settlers. To transport passengers from Paysandu into and across Argentina was not an enormous undertaking.

    After a long flight from Europe over the sea, Uruguay is the first neutral country on the South American landmass. It has many German settlers in the country; they tend to live in German villages and many of these settlers own large tracts of land.

    Uruguay was neutral in the Second World War, Argentina was "at war with Germany" from March 1945. The only shots fired in anger between the two of them were the eight depth charges dropped on U-977 in the Gulf of San Matias on 18 July 1945.

    Certain sections of the police and armed forces in Argentina had been "bought" with Reich gold but it was by no means safe to overfly Argentinean airspace and land a large aircraft, whereas what went on in Uruguay interested nobody, least of all the Uruguayans.

    According to many sources Uruguay had declared war on Germany and Japan in February 1945 [On 23 February 1945 Uruguay was a signatory to the United Nations Declaration of War on the Axis], but a few state it only broke diplomatic and economic relations.

    The total contribution of Uruguay to "the defeat of Hitlerism" to which it was pledged appears to have been nothing and to all intents and purposes the Germans probably considered Uruguay to be utterly harmless.

    A myth to refute is the myth that Hitler, almost by magic, ceased his functioning. How? By suicide!

    That is an example of magical thinking. The Allies wanted him out, so he magically committed suicide. How convenient!

    In fact, claims of Hitler's "suicide" are so absurd, as to not warrant being responded to respectfully. There was never medical evidence verifying the suicide myth - only self-serving contradictory allegations.

    According to Hitler's entourage, he used a self-loading 7.65mm Walther PPK. With this type of pistol, it is possible to release the safety catch and cock the hammer using one hand. After a shot is fired, the cartridge case is ejected to the right. Interestingly enough, no bullet was ever found in the Bunker, either lodged in a wall or the floor. According to experts, when a bullet from a 7.65mm Walther PPK is fired into the head, there is an almost 50/50 chance that it will become lodged into the skull. Since no bullet was ever found in the Bunker, if the members of Hitler's entourage were telling the truth that he had shot himself, the bullet probably became lodged in his skull. If the skull fragment is really Hitler's, the hole would have to be an entry wound.

    According to Hitler's entourage, when they entered the room after he had shot himself, he was seated on the couch, his body leaning slightly forward and to the right. His arms were hanging loosely and his right arm was between his thigh and the armrest of the couch. His head was slightly leaning to the right and blood was dripping onto the armrest of the couch and onto the carpet. There were two pistols lying on the floor in front of him: both were Walther PPKs, a 7.65mm and a 6.35mm. Only the 7.65mm smelled of powder smoke and a single shot had been fired from it. The 6.35mm was fully loaded.

    The "farcical" claims were that Hitler poisoned himself, or shot himself, disregarding autopsy evidence of no bullet wound, no poison, in the body! No bullet was ever found. But that does not matter. The blood stains on the sofa were reportedly of the wrong blood-type. But such details need not concern us. Hitler's entire body apparently vanished into thin air. But at least we found his teeth, in the garden.

    The claims have been pure inventions, fabrications, unverified, contrary to the actual objective evidence!

    The whole suicide story of Hitler rests solely on the concocted testimony of four fanatical Nazis, 
    Heinz Linge, Hitler's valet, Otto Günsche, Hitler's Adjutant, Hans Baur, his personal pilot and Johann Rattenhuber, the Chief of Bodyguards. They were all vigorously trained to guard Hitler's personal secrets, even under the threat of torture and death.

    The fabrications were made up as the "witnesses" went along, even changing their own stories! Incredible!

    When considering the fate of Adolf Hitler, one has to realize that the overwhelming majority of people believe that he committed suicide during the last days of the Second World War. This view is supported by dozens of books written by among others, world-renowned historians. Their views and conclusions are seemingly well supported by circumstances and eye witness accounts.
    Indeed, an entire library of books may be filled with eye-witness accounts and so-called proofs of Hitler's suicide. Most of the new printed works are merely rehashed Berlin bunker testimonies, smoothed out to make a bit more sense, and hopefully convince us by their sheer size of whatever we seriously hope is true. But as one American military officer commented: "Upon reviewing the actual facts, not a single insurance company would ever pay out a cent to similar claims based on such scant, non-conclusive evidence."

    Just the consideration that there may be another, darker side to the story makes most people, to say it mildly, emotionally uneasy. Just the thought that such a man responsible for the murder of millions, might have escaped unscathed from the rubble of Berlin in 1945 seems hard to swallow. 

    Ironically, it was not the evidence provided by Russia that convinced Establishment historians that Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker, on 30 April 1945, as Allied forces closed in on Berlin, shortly after exchanging marriage vows with Eva Braun, but the testimony of the obsessively devoted Nazis who were also present in the Chancellery bunker when Hitler allegedly killed himself. Here is where their futile pretence became a matter of imprudence: For they were primarily the very same historians who insisted that the body shown in the annoying Russian photos was a Doppelgänger killed by those Nazis in the Berlin bunker who wanted to thwart Allied investigators. We are therefore expected to believe that after committing the outright murder of a double for the purpose of obstructing justice, the Nazi bunker guests were nonetheless quite frank and honest in their eye-witness accounts of what really became of Adolf Hitler. These guests would not stop even at murder to perpetrate their Führer's cover-up. Yet the world was totally convinced of their honest integrity and humble desire to satisfy our secret wish that Hitler should not have escaped justice

    The Soviet authorities, who were the only people in a position to conduct the investigations did far more to confuse the issue than to clarify it, and what their finding actually amounted to has still not been made public. When the Soviets found the partially burned remains of a man and a woman near Hitler's bunker, their forensic specialists concluded that these were the corpses of Hitler and Braun and that both had died from cyanide poisoning. But the discovery was kept secret – perhaps because Stalin was not completely convinced.

    In his 1995 book "The Greatest Illusion: The Death (?) of Adolf Hitler," Australian historian Fred C. McKenzie summarizes how Stalin was adamant in his conviction that Adolf Hitler still lived. In August of 1945, Stalin personally accused the British of concealing the real, living Adolf Hitler in their sector of Berlin.

    Russian officials even said that they thought Hitler might have escaped from the bunker, fuelling the doubts of the Americans, who went on to conduct an 11-year investigation into the possibility that Hitler was hiding out in the foothills of the Andes or in a remote part of Argentina.

    There were witnesses to Hitler’s death and the cremation of his body, and these witnesses were interrogated.

    How truthful are these witnesses?

    The story of Hitler's death is one of a man who knew the end was near and was determined to not be captured alive. Supposedly while he was in his bunker, on April 30, 1945, realizing the Russians were almost upon him, he put a automatic pistol to his head and pulled the trigger while reclining on a couch. The body was then taken outside, put in a pit and set on fire to destroy the evidence. But is this what really happened ?

    One witness reported seeing a gunshot wound in Hitler's mouth, while others claimed it was near the corner of his eye, (some even hinted that Hitler's butler strangled him and forced a cyanide capsule into his mouth). Pick a card, any card. One witness described finding the body of Hitler perched limp next to a dead Eva Braun on an elongated, upholstered sofa. But another found Hitler's corpse sitting alone near a corner, on a chair by itself. Mix and match.

    Hitler's one-day marriage to Eva Braun was another sentimental enticement, orchestrated to win our naive confidence. For only a worm could marry a lovely woman, just to poison her a few hours later. The unhappy couple, together at last. The fact that a maid admitted seeing a Hitler look-alike confined to the butler's pantry area was not considered to be of great consequence.

    The most prevalent opposing opinion is that the true motive was for Hitler to escape. According to the Washington Post, the US Office of Censorship intercepted a letter in July 1945 written from someone in Washington. Addressed to a Chicago newspaper, the letter claimed that Hitler was living in a German-owned hacienda 450 miles from Buenos Aires. The US government gave this report enough credibility to act on it, sending a classified telegram to the American embassy in Argentina requesting help in following up the inquiry.

    Was Stalin was correct in his statements to his western Allies in 1945, telling them that Hitler (and Eva Braun) were still alive?

    Hitler's death, at the end of World War II, assumed to be by his own hand, remains unproven. This assumption was the result of what many conceive as a conspiracy by the Western Powers, bowing to political pressures and to fight Nazism, to come up with Hitler's suicide story. This then would explain Hitler's disappearance from Nazi Germany after Germany's defeat.

    Though seemingly the stuff of wild conspiracy theories flying around out there, the idea of the Third Reich surviving the WW 2 defeat is really nothing new. And, in fact, on various levels their continuation is very real. At the very least, it is no secret that the remarkable technological aspect of Nazi Germany was allowed to continue in other countries such as the U.S. and Soviet Union.

    For example, we know that many of NASA's founding fathers and leaders of the aerospace industry - such as Wernher von Braun (director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center), Walter Dornberger (vice president of Bell Aircraft Company and Bell Aerosystems Company), Dr. Kurt H. Debus (director of Kennedy Space Center), Richard Gompertz (head of NASA's Chrysler space division) - were former Nazi scientists/officials. Many of these former Nazis were connected to one of Germany's most secret weapons programs, the V-2 rocket. Their contribution to the US space program was such that it would not be an exaggeration to state that without the technological 'gift' from the Reich, the Apollo missions to the Moon, one of the greatest achievement of mankind, would not have been possible. In a sense, interestingly, the intense space race between the US and Soviet Union, which also acquired many Nazi technological secrets at the end of the war, was collectively the continuing legacy of Nazi technology.

    It was in 1945 or so that the United States began a top-secret operation to recruit valuable Nazi scientists and specialists. Under this ethically questionable project, code-named 'Overcast' before evolving into 'Paperclip', many hundreds or thousands of those deemed valuable were brought into the United States. Officially, Operation Paperclip was cancelled by September 1947. In actuality, it is reported that the project only hid itself in the ultra-secret 'deep black' realm and continued its recruitment activity until the mid-1950s. The covert activity is understandable when we consider how advanced Nazi technology and scientific ideas were, compared to the rest of the world at the time (many years, if not a century, ahead).

    Through this process, 'seeds' or 'viruses' of the Third Reich were transported to other powerful nations, most notably the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The victorious nations, in a sense, made deals with the devil. And the head of this devil was Hans Kammler, in charge of all secret high-tech weapons programs of Germany, who cleverly viewed those weapons and specialists as his ticket to freedom. In this light, the unknown fate of Kammler after the war, who mysteriously disappeared and is scarcely mentioned in official documents anywhere including the Nuremberg war crimes (despite being one of the most influential Nazi figures) is certainly suspicious.

    And then there are the stories of the Nazis escaping to Spain, South America (especially Argentina), etc. More speculative, but there were also persistent rumors of Hitler's deputy Martin Bormann running a secret Nazi empire from South America. It is known that near the end of the war, August 10, 1944, Bormann held a meeting in the Hotel Maison Rouge at Strasbourg and told Nazi officials and German business leaders that it was necessary to prepare a postwar strategy to ensure eventual resurgence of Germany. Thus was born 'Operation Eagle Flight'. With the help of major foreign banks and businesses, it successfully created hundreds of front corporations all over the world, enabling the continuation of Nazi activities in the postwar era.

    Also, as a part of this scheme, a secret organization called ODESSA (Organization der Ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, The Organization of former SS members) was created to orchestrate the escape of SS officers from justice.

    And, though very much in the realm of myth, it has been suggested by some that the Nazis had built a secret base in Antarctica for advanced saucer-shaped aircraft inside the hole at the South Pole where they sought refuge after the war.

    Hitler and his secret 'UFO' force, which he called the "Last Battalion,"  boarded a submarine and escaped to Argentina.

    When the Allies learned what had happened, they dispatched Admiral. Richard E. Byrd and a "scientific expedition" - in fact an army-to attack the Nazi base, but they were no match for the superior Nazi weapons.

    Most historians are entirely ignorant of Hitler's occult background.. The Nazis were being manipulated, through Hitler - everything Hitler did revolved around ancient Thule prophecies concerning an Aryan Atlantis. This accounts for the Führer's terrible strategic blunders during the latter half of the War.

    According to many claims, Hitler himself was interested in holy relics in general and the Lance of Longinus in particular.  A legend had come to center around the spear which Hitler believed in very strongly; that whosoever possessed the spear and understood its powers for serving good and evil could conquer the world. The spear which Hitler believed to be the True Spear had a history which could be traced at least as far back as Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor who had legalized Christianity... However, one must establish how much Hitler and the Nazi Party were actually interested in these relics and how much was merely attributed to him through what one historian calls "inter-historian incest." There is no small amount of information that certain groups within the Nazi Party, certainly Himmler and perhaps Hitler himself, were involved in occult activity of a number of varieties.

    Himmler’s sanctum, the Wewewelsburg, included a 12,000-volume library of Aryan lore and a cavernous dining hall with an Arthurian round table for Himmler and twelve trusted lieutenants. Reportedly, each knight of Himmler's round table received a coat of arms; at the man's death, his emblem was to be incinerated in the pit of the Supreme Leaders' Hall  and the ashes placed in an urn atop one of twelve pedestals there.

    Now the present troubles touch me deep in my heart.
    A wish becoming unified, a single sacred longing,
    An inspiration. Jews and Teutons—
    That we are German, no proof is needed.
    Because the Jews of their own volition gladly
    Rally around the flag of their Fatherland.
    For me to gain—be it, if it falls to my lot,
    Even with my own blood—the Fatherland,
    Which to myself and my brothers, alas, alas,
    Often has been a Stepfatherland….


    ~Immanuel Saul


    Immanuel Saul was a Jewish soldier in the German Army who was killed in World War I. Saul yearned in the poignant lines of his poem to finally gain Germany, even with his own death, as his Fatherland. Saul had hoped that the fact that so many Jews were willing to lay down their lives for Germany in World War I would inspire the nation to finally recognize and reward their longsuffering devotion. 


    It would never happen.


    A new kind of chivalry was rising up in Germany, one that was being developed by Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler. Himmler was obsessed with tales of knights and Camelot, but he wanted a uniquely German brand of chivalry. In the First World War, Manfred von Richthofen, the "Red Baron", had described the chivalry of fliers as:

    A chivalrous battle with similar weapons, each with a machine gun, an airplane, and some athletic ability; only the heart remains to be weighed.


    Himmler's knights would have no heart; they would glory in showing no mercy and no fairness. Himmler wanted a chivalry stripped of Jews and Jewish values. Medieval chivalry had been based upon Biblical principles of mercy and defense of the weak, especially women and children. Old Biblical principles had to be done away with if Nazi knights were going to fulfill their mission of killing the weak and defenseless. Ironically, Jewish values were removed from ideals of German chivalry in order to make it easier for Germany's new knights - the SS - to destroy the Jews.

    Superstitious beliefs evolved into an obsession with the occult. The Ahnenerbe, an arm of the SS commissioned in the mid-1930s to research the ancestral heritage of the Aryan race, roamed far and wide to find proof that only one race was meant to rule the world and that the Nazi vision of purification and world domination was supported by mythic forces. They were to provide scientific documentation that would unite their ancient past with their destiny. >br>Heinrich Himmler saw the men in his army as the reincarnation of Teutonic knights and kings, in particular the knights of King Arthur's round table. Wewelsburg Castle to be their Camelot, but Peter Levendra in The Unholy Alliance dubbed it that Satanic Vatican.

    In the quest to establish a new world order, Himmler sent his men out to find the Holy Grail and bring it back to the castle—now viewed as the center of the world. The Holy Grail was the chalice from which Christ drank wine during the Last Supper.

    Supposedly Josef of Arimathea confiscated it and then used it to collect blood from Christ's wound as he hung on the cross. Joseph then took the cup to England to hide it in a secret place—Avalon—and it became the ambition of King Arthur's knights to find it and make it the center of their enterprise.

    With the idea that blessings from Christ himself enveloped them, the Nazis felt justified to go on a massive killing spree against those who "contaminated" them. Theirs was a holy mission and nothing they could do in its service was wrong. What the world in retrospect deemed as one of the greatest evils perpetrated by human beings was viewed by those involved as divine path that could not be denied. Killing those they deemed inferior was necessary to achieve the ultimate glory of the purification of the planet.


    In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said:

    We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler's death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin.

    When President Truman asked Josef Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945 whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, 'No.'

    Stalin's top army officer, Georgi Konstantinovitch Zukhov, whose troops were the ones to occupy Berlin, flatly stated after a long thorough investigation in 1945:

    We have found no corpse that could be Hitler's.

    The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremberg, Thomas J. Dodd, said:

    No one can say he is dead.

    Major General Floyd Parks, who was commanding general of the U.S. sector in Berlin, stated for publication that he had been present when Marshall Zhukov described his entrance to Berlin, and Zhukov stated he believed Hitler might have escaped.

    Lt. Gen. Bedell Smith, Chief of Staff to Gen. Eisenhower in the European invasion and later Director of the CIA, stated publicly on Oct. 12, 1945:

    No human being can say conclusively that Hitler is dead.

    Col. W.J. Heimlich, former Chief, United States Intelligence, at Berlin, stated for publication that he was in charge of determining what had happened to Hitler and after a thorough investigation his report was:

    There was no evidence beyond that of HEARSAY to support the THEORY of Hitler's suicide.

    He also stated:

    On the basis of present evidence, no insurance company in America would pay a claim on Adolf Hitler.

    Nuremberg judge Michael Mussmanno said in his book "Ten Days to Die":

    Russia must accept much of the blame [to the extent that it still exists] that Hitler did not die in May 1945.

    However, Mussmanno STATED that he interviewed Hitler's personal waiter, his valet, his chauffeur, his two secretaries, pilots, top generals, etc., and they all 'agreed' perfectly that Hitler committed suicide. He said they could not have gotten together afterward and made up a story that agreed in perfect detail without one flaw anywhere, so they must be telling the truth and he was absolutely convinced that Hitler committed suicide.

    The story at first sounds convincing, until you realized that they could have memorized a story BEFOREHAND and these were all people who almost WORSHIPPED Hitler. Do witnesses EVER agree "perfectly" in detail in real life?

    Former Secretary of State Jimmy Byrnes in his book Frankly Speaking [as quoted in the April 1948 "The Cross and The Flag"]:

    While in Potsdam at the Conference of the Big Four, Stalin left his chair, came over and clinked his liquor glass with mine in a very friendly manner. I said to him: 'Marshal Stalin, what is your theory about the death of Hitler?' Stalin replied: "He is not dead. He escaped either to Spain or Argentina.'

    In a 1948 issue of a magazine called The Plain Truth with the headline article: "IS HITLER ALIVE, OR DEAD?," subtitled:

    Here is summarized the conclusions of an exhaustive three-year investigation -- together with reasons for believing Hitler may be alive and secretly planning the biggest hoax of all history.

    Another article in August, 1952, entitled "HITLER DID NOT DIE," subtitled "Adolf Hitler's fake suicide in his Berlin Bunker now is exposed as History's greatest hoax!":

    Positive evidence comes to light that Hitler did not die -- here's new evidence that Hitler is alive, directing [the] Nazi underground, today!

    The June, 1952, issue of The Plain Truth is headlined: "HITLER 'May Be Alive!'" The article states:

    Now, NEW FACTS, or purported facts, leak out. It's reported now that in 1940 the Nazis started to amass tractors, planes, sledges, gliders, and all sorts of machinery and materials IN THE SOUTH POLAR REGIONS -- that for the next 4 years Nazi technicians built, on an almost unknown CONTINENT, Antarctica, the Führer's SHANGRILA -- a new Berchtesgaden.

    The report says they scooped out an entire mountain, built a new refuge completely camouflaged -- a magic mountain hide-a-way. The recently discovered continent is larger than Europe -- 5,600 miles from Africa, 1,900 miles from the southern tip of South America, 4,800 miles from Australia.

    It is NOT a mere ice-covered surface, but a real continent, with plains, valleys, mountain peaks up to 15,000 feet. The temperature in the interior is around zero (?) in the summer, and never drops below 20 or 30 degrees below in the winter. In other words, it is not as cold as in parts of North Dakota or Canada." (especially underground, where the natural temperature would be in the 50's, even below snow and ice.)

    Bonjour magazine, the Police Gazette, and the Paris newspaper Le Monde all had articles about Hitler's South Pole hideaway. Admiral Dönitz, in 1943, stated:

    The German submarine fleet has even now established an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress, for the Führer, in whatever part of the world.

    Although he did not specify where the exact location was, Bonjour pointed out that in 1940 Nazi engineers had begun construction of buildings that were to withstand temperatures to 60 degrees below zero.

    There have been strong rumors, from the end of the War, that Hitler escaped to the South Pole. Yet, most people simply REFUSE to believe the evidence, the idea that Hitler survived the war is just unacceptable! It is too upsetting to too many people!

    There is plenty of PROOF that the Americans and Russians LIED about what happened to Hitler, and there are strong rumors that he escaped to Antarctica. There is proof that a major group of Nazis escaped to Argentina.

    Why did Admiral Byrd lead an "invasion to Antarctica," and why the extreme secrecy about the whole situation?

    In 1981, Donald McKale wrote Hitler: The Survival Myth to try to lay to rest the questions about what happened to Hitler. The flyleaf says:

    In this book a distinguished historian examines the postwar world's most absorbing and persistent mystery, revealing why it has endured and where the mystery leads.

    The back flyleaf says "Absolute certainty about what happened still eludes us today."

    Just recently on TV there are STILL programs telling "at last, the final, once and for all, this is the real story" about what happened to Hitler, yet they all do not really answer the question. A recent TV program, called "What Really Happened to Adolf Hitler," after investigating numerous stories, ends by saying that, in spite of Glasnost and the new freedom of access to Russian files, the files on Hitler are still some of the most highly classified items of the Soviets.

    The Diario Illustrado of Santiago, Chile, January 18, 1948 issue, said:

    On 30th of April, 1945, Berlin was in dissolution but little of that dissolution was evident at Tempelhof Airfield. At 4:15 p.m. a JU52 landed and S.S. troops directly from Rechlin for the defense of Berlin disembarked, all of them young, not older than 18 years.

    The gunner in the particular plane was an engineer by the name of B... whom I had known for a number of years and for whom I had endeavored to get exemption from military service. He sought to tank up and leave Berlin as quickly as possible. During this re-fueling interval Mr. B... was suddenly elbowed in the ribs by his radio operator with a nod to look in a certain direction.

    At about 100-120 meters he saw a sleek Messerschmitt Jet Model 332 [an editorial comment says this should be an ARADO 234]. Mr. B.. and the radio operator saw, and WITHOUT ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER, standing in front of the jet, their Commander in Chief, Adolf Hitler, dressed in field-grey uniform and gesticulating animatedly with some Party functionaries, who were obviously seeing him off.

    For about ten minutes whilst their plane was being refueled the two men observed this scene and around 4:30 p.m. they took to the air again. They were extremely astonished to hear during the midnight military news bulletin, some seven and a half hours later, that Hitler had committed suicide.

    On a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program called "As It Happens," September 17th, 1974 at 7:15 p.m., a Prof. Dr. Ryder Saguenay, oral surgeon from the Dental Faculty of the University of California at Los Angeles, said that Hitler had ordered a special plane to leave from Berlin with all medical and dental records, especially X-rays, of all top Nazis for an unknown destination. He said that the dental records used to identify Hitler's body were drawn from MEMORY by a dental assistant, WHO disappeared and was never found.

    Fedor Bruck describes in his memoirs the events of early May, in practice, on the Kurfürstendamm:

    On Wednesday, May 9, 1945 a Russian lieutenant, a female Russian secret agent, ... and a man in civilian clothes, who acted as interpreter ..., arrived at the house and asked the caretaker, where Blaschke [Hitler's dentist] was. He could give no information, and when I arrived by chance, I took the three people who were asking for documents about Hitler's mouth conditions, up to the office. We went through everything, but found neither Hitler X-rays nor radiographic index cards, however, those of Himmler, Ley, Göring, Göbbels and others which the Russians took. When I posed the question if they wanted to identify any found fragments by the use of any of the requested records, the lieutenant made a rather angry official face and put his finger to his lips, from which I gathered that my assumption was on the right track. When asked whether there was no one who knew about Hitler's teeth, I brought the technician Echtmann in, but he could give no information because he was never present during any treatments and the technical work on Hitler had been done at a time when he was not yet in Blaschke's employ.

    As it is now became apparent that Käthe Heusermann had always assisted Heusermann for many years in Hitler's treatment, I was asked to fetch her. The undercover agent went with me to the door, where she instructed the chauffeur to follow my directions.

    It came with only very reluctantly, fearing that they would suspect in her a prominent member of the Nazi party and would do her any harm. I persuaded her to come along ...

    From: Fedor Bruck, private Aufzeichnungen (private records), 1948, collection of Kay Lutze

    In the presence of Feodor Bruck, Käthe Heusermann answered the Russians' questions about Hitler's mouth and any special conditions. In search of Hitler's treatment records Mrs. Heusermann followed them to the destroyed Reichskanzlei. She told Bruck all about it a few days later. Since no documentation was found, she had to judge the jaw parts placed before her from memory. She recognized some again that definitely belonged to Hitler. Thus Bruck was one of the first to know that Hitler was undoubtedly dead.

    Fedor never saw Käthe Bruck Heusermann again. She and the dental technician, Fritz Echtmann were taken by the Russians and remained in captivity for several years. The Soviet government under Stalin wanted no witnesses who could confirm the death of Hitler. In July 1945 the Western Allies arrived in Berlin. On the 5th of July American journalists found Bruck and questioned him about Käthe Heusermann and his own fate. On the 7th of July three British correspondents arrived. Among them was William Forrest of the News Chronicle. On July 9, 1945 the British newspaper, reported on the identification of the remains of Hitler on the basis of the information that Fedor Bruck William had given Forrest. 

    Since Bruck knew of Hitler's death, he was also in danger of being deported by the Russians. The Americans warned him. Fedor Bruck chose to emigrate in 1947 in the United States.

    An editorial in Zig Zag, Santiago, Chile, January 16, 1948, STATES that on April 30th, 1945, Flight Captain Peter Baumgart took Adolf Hitler, his wife Eva Braun, as well as a few loyal friends by plane from Tempelhof Airport to Tondern in Denmark [still German controlled]. From Tondern, they took another plane to Kristiansund in Norway [also German controlled]. From there they joined a Submarine convoy. ["U.F.O. Letzte Geheimwaffe des III Reiches," Mattern]

    The Jewish writer Michael Bar-Zohar in The Avengers, said:

    In 1943 Admiral Dönitz had declared: 'The German U-boat fleet is proud to have made an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress for the Führer, somewhere in the world.' He did not say in what part of the world it existed, but fairly obviously it was in South America.

    The German writer Mattern said that Admiral Dönitz told a graduating class of naval cadets in Kiel in 1944:

    The German Navy has still a great role to play in the future. The German Navy knows all hiding places for the Navy to take the Führer to, should the need arise. There he can prepare his last measures in complete quiet.